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  • retention problems; experienced players leaving

    A server browser is just very different. When players can host their own servers, you'll see online Clans hosting their own servers, open to the public. But Clan members have certain admin permissions to kick, ban, etc. And that server also becomes a way for them to recruit new members. There is this whole ''Clan/Family'' dynamic that you just won't find in Matchmaking.

    By Modding Tools, I refer to Unreal Engine 4. Unreal Engine 4 allows users to create maps and content (weapons, textures, environment props, etc.). So UE4 already exists, BKP doesn't have to create new modding tools. What they need to do is create the bridge between the game and UE4 for mods. THink of modding simply as User Generated Content, including: maps, character skins, weapon skins, weapon stickers and kick decals. It could even go farther and allow users to come up with new gametypes, roles or Total Conversion mods (derivative of LawBreakers).

    It's one of the best FPS games with the poorest visual clarity. I agree. It's been said since Alpha and we are still waiting for some major improvements.
    - The HUD is overcharged with 0g effects around the screen, on the borders.
    - Red blood effect when wounded around the borders.
    - Maps are red. Namsan came out, same problem again.
    - Spawn doors are red
    - Enemies are red (outline)
    - On top of that, both enemies/allies can wear red skins.
    - Allies have white names, you often can't read their names on maps like Mammoth.
    - Now they show you a giant text line on screen to tell you who grabbed the ball, etc.
    - Wraith has a red icon around the crosshair when the wasp stab lunge is back and ready to use, that's on top of having a crosshair and hitmarkers, etc.
    - Etc.

    The film industry has been existing for over 30 years, games for over 20 years and it's as if BKP has never heard of color theory or user-experience ever before.
  • LB needs Red vs Blue

    Boss key Productions and LawBreakers don't seem to acknowledge any understanding of color theory for games, films, etc.




    And there is this amazing website that allows users, artists or designers to find those colors.

    Color theory: Players VS Players
    In sports, every player on a team shares the same team color. Even kids know this...

    In multiple competitive multiplayer FPS games, players are Red vs Blue. It is reminiscent of sports and it makes everyone on your team and the opposite team much easier to identify, especially in chaos.


    Even those who create covers and posters for films and games understand the important of contrast. And now you can also laugh at the fact that the following examples are all orange & blue... but it sells.

    And this is what a winning team in LawBreakers looks like. I don't know about you, but it looks pretty psychedelic.

    Color theory: Players VS Environment
    And not only there is Players VS Players, but there is also players VS environments.

    In the following image, it shows how enemies can look like in LawBreakers and the map Reactor is quite a good example for this.

    As you can see in that image above, there is a ton of red. The map is red, enemies are red and those big red bars in the HUD show up when wounded. When it comes to color theory, the contrast is really really bad here. And because enemies also do not have team colors, it's even worst. Plus in LB, all those names above heads, health bars and objective icons can really add a lot of stuff to HUD.

    LawBreakers is a cluster f*** and this is something that players have been saying since ALPHA. Players should wear a team color and the color of the environment shouldn't the same same as players. Players should stand out from each other and from the environment at all times.

    Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha, might have a prehistoric gameplay from the 90s, it might not have the modern gameplay mechanics that LawBreakers has, but when it comes to visual clarity for a competitive multiplayer game, the UT dev team nailed it. And LawBreakers could have the same visual clarity.

  • LB isn't the skill-based FPS that was promised

    LawBreakers is a work of love, it's a beautiful game with a beautiful universe and, in terms of gameplay, it was said to be...
    ''Are you skilled AF?''
    ''LawBreakers is the Dark Souls of FPS.''
    “The Mortal Kombat of FPS games.”
    In order to be successful my money’s on making a game that has arena shooter DNA but feels like it’s for 2016 and beyond.
    ''LawBreakers won't have a bull*** Beta one week before the release of the game, because you can't fix anything in that time period.''
    “Any role in this game, played right, can take out any other role”
    “Also, in Overwatch, if I enter a room with four, five, six people from the other team, I don’t stand a chance of really taking them all out. If you’re really good at this game with any of the different roles and classes, you can take out an entire team.”

    This is basically how the game was marketed by Cliffy B in interviews; a skill-based multiplayer FPS game.
    Unfortunately, LawBreakers is not the skill-based multiplayer FPS game that was promised.

    • If an Enforcer manages to land an Electromag Charge on an opponent, he is most likely to win the outcome.
    • If the Harrier successfully marks an opponent with laser tag she will most likely to win the outcome.
    • If the Wraith can get close enough, he is most likely to win the outcome.
    • If assassin successfully hits with flux blast she could easily perform a combo, grapple you easy and finish you off either with more melee or Romerus.
    • If you find yourself in 0g against a Gunslinger, he is most likely going to charge shot you 3 times before you can even do anything.
    • If Titan successfully hits someone with neutron mine, it almost guarantees a free kill with rockets or crisper.
    • When it comes to melee attacks, the gameplay doesn't match the visuals making it impossible to defend against those effectively.
    • Etc.

    The roles in LawBreakers are too efficient at certain ranges in certain contexts and most of them have abilities that makes it easy and cheap to get kills with the weapons or skillset they have. And because roles depend so much on Ability - Cool down and Reload times, if 3 opponent rush you are most likely dead. You'll be able to take out 1 of 3 at best, unless they were already wounded. And not only that, but unlike Unreal Tournament, half of the roles in LawBreakers have full-automatic/beam-like weapons that barely have any recoil and are super precise. Players can't really use their movements and avoid getting shot as we can do a skill-based game like Unreal Tournament. LawBreakers doesn't show an understanding of what makes the combat in games like Unreal Tournament so great. Players not only could move skillfully around the map, but they could also skillfully move to avoid getting shot. And that's unfortunately not a quality that LawBreakers has. It doesn't have the ''arena shooter DNA'' that Cliffy B said it had.

    And because the game isn't skill-based, the game really isn't fun to play for advanced players and especially not fun to play at top tier levels. It's a really frustrating game to play, full of cheap shots (flux blast, electromag charge, neutron mine, ultras like chrono switch, visually out of sync melees, etc.). And this is why all the top competitive LB teams left the competitive scene. LawBreakers is not fun to play, it's not skill-based. And what is the most frustrating thing is that LawBreakers could be that next big FPS game experience, that skill-based multiplayer FPS game that we've all been waiting for, finally a modern spiritual successor to both Quake and UT.

    Honestly, I really think that LawBreakers can be that awesome skill-based game that was promised and that would be an absolute blast to play at all skill levels. But to pull it off, BKP will have to accept what they did wrong and clean up the game, get rid of the cheap stuff and replace them with more skillfull mechanics. Otherwise, I can't see how anyone would be able to play this game for years.

    If ever Cliffy B changed his mind and want to take a different direction with the game and create something more casual like Overwatch, I would like to know. And because the game isn't as skill-based as advertised a lot of players think that Lawbreakers is just another Hero Shooter similar to Overwatch. There is a lot of confusion about what LawBreakers is supposed to be. But I have faith in BKP/Nexon and hopefully you guys will keep working hard and make it right.
  • Omega & Romerus

    In this post, I take the time to explain in detail why I'm convinced that LawBreakers would be a much better game if BKP could simply remove those charged shots on both Romerus (Assassin) and Omega (Gunslinger).
    Interviewer: What challenge did you face throughout the development, and did any of these increase as the fanbase did too?

    Bleszinski: We faced the problems of drowning on our own fiction and universe, as well as figuring out how, over multiple games, you can win a ‘battle’ but not the water. On the multiplayer side, we learned that with each sequel, there’s always a risk of upsetting fans by adding in new guns. If I could go back in time I would remove the sawed-off shotgun. Yes, I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong.

    The story repeats itself with LB, but this time with Omega and Romerus (charged shots).

    Each gameplay mechanic has a certain range of efficiency and ease of use. In order to keep the game fun and feeling fair, the gameplay mechanic has to be within a certain range in both cases. Romerus and Omega charged shots are at the extreme end of the spectrum, like the Sawed-Off shotgun in Gears of War 3. It's a shotgun that inflicts extreme damage at a very short range. You really don't have to aim, it auto-kills anything within its range. In LawBreakers, the weapon balance differs, but you'll find roles that can inflict 37 dmg per shot when the Gunslinger or Romerus can inflict 200+ dmg per shot. And from a longer distance, the ratio remains similar despite the dmg fall off. What we need to keep in mind is how easy or difficult it is to land a first shot. How easy or difficult it is to charge such shot during an actual fight. And how easy or difficult it can be to finish a fight.

    With any other role than the Enforcer or Assassin, in order to inflict a high amount of damage, you really have to land successfully multiple consecutive shots. With charged shot of Omega or Romerus, we are talking about inflicting a high amount of damage only with a single shot. We are talking about shots that can inflict more damage than Pulverize, Stinger or else in a single attack. Where this becomes an issue isn't during a fight, it is at beginning and the end of a fight. Situations where an assassin or a gunslinger have started to charge a shot, they come out from behind a wall, see an opponent and can immediately released a devastating attack. It's easy to do, undeserved and it heavily punishes an opponent out of nowhere. And unlike all other roles, the defender can't really do anything about it. He can't really see it coming or anything. It just happens. Now, if that unlucky opponent was already wounded, those attacks can inflict such a high amount of damage, it makes it even easier to finish off some random opponents.

    And then on top of that, LawBreakers is a game with which gun shots and explosions influence your player movements as the defender and we also find other influences such as 0g zones, Flux blast, chrono switch, neutron mine, tight corridors, chokepoints (entrances), etc. Things that can make it easier to successfully land charged shots.

    LawBreakers is a game in which exchanges should be fun at all time. The charged shots on both Romerus and Omega work against that. Those examples are in the same category as the shock combo in UT or triple rockets (charged). Or the AWP in Counter-Strike. Or when players were performing an active-reload in Gears of War with the sniper rifle, because you could take down an opponent with a single shot to the body, EZ. We have seen countless of examples like this in many games during the past 20 years.

    Simply remove the charged shot mechanic on Romerus (Assassin) and also the one on the Omega (Gunslinger). This game really doesn't need those two attacks and they are more likely to piss players off over time.