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  • Wraith + Hitscan Balance

    Why no reset?
    Nerfing mobility is bad option in this game imo, even more if it's a flanker.
    This is is only way to move in or away. If you remove this everyone will become his counter imo.

    Why not giving more mobility to assassin (and maybe gunslinger, cause reload time for him is rude :/), when you move in order to escape you are not a threat anymore, you become a prey.

    Cause I played the assassin and me I was thinking they should reset the dash for assassin after landing.
    Put maybe two different gauges, one for dash and one for rope.
    Rope normal cooldown with maybe 3 charges or 2 charges (I don't know cause distance is huge and they can catch ppl, things that I like), and Dash with three charges which reset at landing, it could give her better mobility without being too strong but there is no cooldown if I remember well between each use of "mobility charge" so maybe too good. It's complicated, need to try it to judge :/.
    Or 5 charges in total I don't know.
    With my enforcer I was not afraid at all about assassins and gunslinger in 0g (gunslinger it's different cause a good one can make you think twice before to try to finish him, but if he kills me he will die just after by teammates for sure), cause if they jump, start to move and use three charges they are just a sort of rock moving in predictable trajectory at low speed, and if they don't use them I will kill them too cause they are slow without. But the wraith can change direction like you said, it's better but when he dash you can still predict where he will stop and most of the time it's on the ground cause of reset if he is not stupid, if he stay in the air he will die, his gun doesn't do enough damages from good distance.
    It was easy to aim them all in this conditions.
    But maybe I didn't played enough as assassin so maybe i'm missing somethiing... but I played against many of them, some very good some pretty bad.
    If flying in 0g become a danger for everyone, we will all stay on the ground, I don't think it's the good way.
    If they do that I will enjoy enforcer, vanguard or mister robotto ^^..

    Maybe it's the travel time for the assassin's rifle bullets that should be reduce. Those bullets are pretty slow, I was able to dodge them with enforcer speed.

    When I saw a video of the game the first time I thought that the amount of rope was infinite, without cooldown like spiderman, I had big hype, and then I played it... and realise it was limited and that the hitscans could destroy me if I fly too much in open space. Wraith/Assassin are flankers, they need to have options in order to disengage or go fast behind enemies. There are way better mid/back line DPS in this game than them.

    I find the assassin hard to balance, cause the rope give her the possibility to travel on a very long distance faster than the wraith I think (that's how I Felt it during beta). But in 0g, after 3 mobility skills used she is dead imo.

    After you can think it's better, need more skill than wraith. Me I will say no, it will just make me stay on the ground cause I don't underestimate hitscan players, there is no escape in the sky for her at the moment, or only if she want to go from A to B without trying to really fight. She will lose too much time in open space and just die if she can't hide fast.

    Or ctrl fire, but I didn't noticed a big increase of motion speed when I used it, I prefer to keep my bullets (like with Titan, it's an other problem for him).

    Matt talked about TF2. One night I played with my scout and "Baby Face Blaster", ppl started to call me cheater cause of speed or point blank HS kills and finally kicked me from the server, one of my friend tried to help me, she talked with them but they were completly mad at me.
    They were just not used to it, not a lot of scout use it... Same when I hit a sniper or heavy with my baseball (ball). DING DONG. But they can say nothing, there is no auto aim for this I think.
    I really start to think we didn't play the game enough before to start to nerf so hard one char, I played 48 hours during the beta, finished lvl 31 or 32 and I feel like I don't really know half of the cast atm.
    During the last 2 days of the beta there was not a lot of wraith, ppl played other chars and the balance was way better than at the beginning imo.
    3 Enforcers on Vertigo was the hardest game I had to face to... and only 2 vanguard can be a real pain too.

    I just hope everyone will keep a cool head.
  • Public Opinion On the Pace

    I will make it a bit longer ^^.

    Thank you so much for this thread. Thank you guys !!

    I was really starting to think on this forum that I was alone to believe that a game where you are instantly punished for bad positionning or bad aim is way more fun.
    I see so much ppl asking for nerf instead of trying harder or calling for some little buff. They ask for less damages, less mobility, more spread, etc. I find this crazy, even more in this game or maybe I missunderstood which sort of game the devs wanted to do (@devs: please say it, maybe I should not be here, I don't know).
    This game is fast and deadly, that's why I like it.
    I just think that some classes should be buff cause their mobility are not as good as the wraith, assassin, vanguard or enforcer. But I don't know if the devs want great mobility for everyone, so...

    I find Overwatch so boring too atm like MattCV said, they nerfed it so hard since the beta that the fun completly left the game for me. Fights' places are far from respawns, it's feel so long to travel that the game lost intensity, ppl wait at choke for their ulti cause dps has been nerfed too hard, duo ana/mercy works too fine now and there are shields everywhere. Only possibility is to dive in with a tank or flanker and prey that your team follow and kill ppl who will turn back to kill the diver when you play in solo queue.
    And Overwatch community is so toxic atm... At least in Lawbreakers whiners who just want an "gg ez" win are so tired to die that they leave/ragequit.
    There is so much to say about how Overwatch is becoming bad imho but I don't want to think about it anymore, I try to play it sometimes but after few days I quit again, I have no more fun in it. And I liked it a lot.

    This afternoon I played a match in LB which was so long and so intense, we were all fighting so hard for the link/antenna, was so fun, even the losing team said "wp gg" at the end. Everyone was dying and dying In joy and good humor.

    Only since yesterday I think most of the ppl stopped to cry about the wraith and just play. I saw him less, I'm happy I can go back to him and play it more, they start to understand that he can be stopped by tanks or hitscan char with good aim and good positionning.
    But i think that the problem is that ppl want to play the char they want AND always win... but it's not possible, there are always someone stronger.

    Imho the biggest problem in this game is the number of same classes allowed.
    Fighting against a team with 5 to 3 wraith/assassin is insane, they have a very good mobility compare to other char and good burst damages at close range so when you face 4 of them there is so much angles to watch that it's too hard and they just roll on you.

    I really think that a limit of two characters of the same class could resolve the problem drastically (With some buff of mobility for the moment on other chars in order to make them more attractive to new players).

    It seems that some streamers from OW said that the wraith is OP and that the game is completly unbalanced so everyone came in this game thinking he was, they come and think they can't kill him, so they don't even try to counter him (and some players said that they even refuse to play wraith cause he is OP, they probably think that they will kill everyone, win every matches and as they want to be nice with others they don't play it... so cute).
    I love the wraith (I love the speed, I love to move and change direction mid air, try to escape or go flank ppl) so ppl will think I want to protect this "op" char but no, when there is more than 2 wraith in opposite team I don't stay wraith anymore because I know that no one will care of them most of the time (so I think I can talk about him). Ppl need to learn how to fight him but some ppl doesn't want to, and I think that it's not how you become stronger in a game. Trust me he can bleed so he can die. Some friends from planetside 2 tried the game and they killed the wraith like all the other class, they know how to kill, I know them and they are good, they don't find him OP at all.

    I saw an assassin who finished the game with 41 kills and something like 10 death (K/D at 4 in 5v5, ^^') said that he hopes that they will nerf the wraith asap... sure... and after that will be who? assassin will dominate so everyone will ask a nerf for her, and after it will be vanguard? jugg? enforcer? and the game will finish like Overwatch, but if it becomes like overwatch ppl will play Overwatch and not LB... some already want potg like in overwatch (I don't like this anymore me).
    I think the only thing we need from Overwatch is maybe maybe the possibility to keybind for each char separately + possibility to change crosshair color shape but it's pretty right now with the crosshair, i like it.

    You can't come in a game, play 5 hours or being under lvl 10 and say: "this char is OP", "everyone say that he is", seriously... It's nice from them to say what they think about the game but they seriously need to play more before to say that. There are probably tons of persons like us here who like fast and accurate shooters, I came to this game exactly for this reason. I really liked tribes Ascend but I discovered it too late, ppl left it already, this game was really really hard, harder than Lawvreakers imo.
    I played during many years a game named Alien vs Predator 2 (from SIERRA), this game was insane, weapons were all deadly, snipers were able to kill with one shot without scope, there was a char like the soldier in OW, same sort of gun except that it was accurate like hell, higher damages, no spread at all, big amount of bullets, fast reload and deadly subrocket faster than in OW... There was even sort of "arachnoproximity bombs" which follow you around the map when you passed them and exploded when they touched you in this game. I was playing alien runner class, the fastest and the squishiest char in the game. NO cooldown nowhere... The best game I ever played in my life in multi (with a very good solo too), and probably one of the most punitive. One HS from a nearly invisible predator and your head finished on the wall behind you.

    Like I said to some friends, I'm sure that if counter strike came out today there will be ppl everywhere begging to nerf AWP and more...
    Counter is deadly, you can die just by poping your little head at the corner of a wall in one shot... ONE HS !!
    And what happend to this game, he still alive and has millions of players online every months.
    If developers of CS listened everyone who were upset to die so hard, this game would be dead by now, just a casual shooter like many others.
    But no, counter need practice, and it mean a lot of death too. Valve know that.

    I think the Devs will have to choose what they want to do with their baby:

    - A fast and deadly shooter, with multiple possibilities of movements, that good players and persons who want to progress in FPS and practice their aim will enjoy and join with pleasure in order to pass a hard but enjoyable/rewarding moment.

    - Or one that everyone can handle pretty fast like OW. With tons of salty ppl, boring gameplay ulti fully charged double snipers no healer or "this char is mandatory cause meta" teams, and over nerfed chars everywhere cause casual fan base scream "OP" (the OP nerf circle never end, when you start to nerf you never stop, there is always someone who will rise back after it, untill the game becomes boring as hell). Everyone will join it at the beginning and they will go back to OW... cause Blizzard & kawaii D.Va, new skins... but you will have the money if this is only what you want (but I think you can do money too, with micro transactions for skins like in TF2 & LOL).

    Choose well dear persons from BOSS KEY, I heard one of your leaders in a video said something like he will be happy if the game become popular like Pepsi(LB) against CocaCola(OW).

    Personnaly, I think you should all see it like CocaCola against Champagne(LB) ^^.

    PS: sry for my english I'm a baguette ^^.