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  • LawBreakers must have a Free to Play version

    Soon or late you will need to do it.
    More you wait worst it will be.

    I am sad about it but it's true.

    Like said above, you can do a free version in which one ppl can buy skins, they don't get stash drop for lvling but they can still buy them, and no certs.
    Where characters are locked except some of them but not the new one maybe, only old one, with free rotation like LoL, and with possibility to buy them.

    I agree with Flick, the game is empty at the moment, there is no more hope I think.
    And TDM is not here anymore, it will not help. The new char will not make ppl buy the game.
    And free WE I don't know :/
  • Matchmaking

    Why the game start the match in 3v5?
    Why not doing a 4v4?!
    I need to leave the current match then relaunch and I come back in same match but now in a 4v4... seriously...

    Atm the best way to get a match is to always leave lobby at the end of a match, if we stay in the same queue/lobby ppl leave cause the match takes an eternity to start, finish with a 2v1 then I leave and restart then I'm back in a 5v5...

    Tell me you are working on it plz... I can't be the only to have this issue...
  • Icon for players PS4 or PC


    I'm sry but we are talking about nerf/buff on the forum in role feedback with ppl who are using aim assist on console...

    I have nothing against them but It's not the same game for them (it's the same game but... it's way different cause of this), just because this game is based on bullets damages.
    It's a FPS. I don't understand :/

    Do this or just split role feedback on PC and on PS4, it's easier to move and create Threads on the forum no? Add an icon need maybe more work, I don't know.

  • Harrier DPS/Assassin shotgun wildly overtuned

    Iax3 wrote: »
    I agree assasin need more base skill than pther clases, shotgun only works in CQ encounters, i main assasin cuz i love this clas super dinamic and need more practice than the others, when i see titan i run away cuz one shot and im dead, so plz don't cry about anything.

    Titan direct hit do 300dmg ? :/
  • Assassins shotgun?

    Sodiet wrote: »
    Well, as lax3 said, it's not easy to use shotgun. And any good player on any class can deal with assassin. Don't forget about titan with his second close-range attack and ult, wraith, that can kill with one slide, gunslinger, with teleportations and RMB headshot, etc.

    Wraith slide is 25 dmg, normal kick push do 3 times more :/

    Do you realise how harder it is to do HS with GS on an assassin than an assassin to do charge shotgun on GS?

    If you don't know from where she come during a fight you are in very bad position.
    (And don't come tell it's my fault, my fov is at 110 not 360 XD)

    Atm assassins I meet shot me one time with RMB -270, I turn, their grenade explode near me -30 (I'm not sure about the amount of damage the grenade do) then they LMB to death.
    If they miss too much they fly away so fast that I can't even follow them...

    My last game an assassin carried with K/D at 21...
    3 ppl left my team during the game.

    Don't underestimate the amount of insane assassins I meet atm. When I hear the charge now I tighten the buttocks XD.

    At least now my butt is amazing, hard as steel, thanks to them !! ^^