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  • Boss Leagues Season 1 Ends

    Hey LawBreakers,

    It is time for Season 1 of Boss Leagues to come to an end. While Season 1 will be ending on Feb. 8 5am PST / 8am EST / 3pm CEST, we would like to thank our players who participated! We know you’re probably wondering about end of season rewards, so let’s get right into it.

    If you completed all your placement matches, you have earned:
    • Silver Weapon Skin
    • Boss Leagues Season 1 Profile Icon

    Remember, those who qualify will receive a Portrait Item based upon the Highest League that you earned (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Boss). All players in the League earn the same portrait, so someone in Silver I would receive the same icon as Silver V, but different than someone who finished Bronze.


    Next, you will be able to select a Silver Weapon from a list of available options. NOTE: It is possible to select the same reward as you did last season, so make sure you don't already own it.


    Lastly, you will see a recap of the reward that you have selected. You will have an opportunity to go back and change it before finalizing.


    It’s that simple!

    We hope you enjoy your rewards, and thanks again for playing!

    - The LawBreakers Team
  • Vanguard - Game play highlights

    Diyanira wrote: »

    Here's the video with the correct hyperlink

    Awesome highlight reel! We'll give ya some love on social :D
  • Projectiles Issue - Hotfix coming soon!

    Hey LawBreakers,

    After Patch 2.1, we received reports from the community that the projectiles felt a little off from previous versions. After investigating these reports, we have recognized and pinpointed the issues involving projectiles and will be implementing a hotfix as soon as we can.

    Thank you all for letting us know and your continued patience while we address! You're the real MVP!

    - The LawBreakers Team
  • All-Star Event | Ends Nov. 30!

    It's your last chance to complete those Boss League placement matches and get those All-Star Stash-drops, because tomorrow morning, Nov. 30 at 8am ET, Season 0 of the Boss Leagues and the time-limited All-Star themed Stash-drops are gone, gone...GONE! We've got the Boss Leagues Bash tonight at 8pm ET to celebrate the close of LawBreakers' first event (jump on and play!).

    We want to thank everyone for helping test our Boss Leagues with Season 0. We hope you scored some cool exclusive All-Star skins in the process. Since the All-Star update dropped, we worked to improve the game, and are continuing to do so. During the All-Star update we optimized the Stash-drop logic to always guarantee a skin of some sort and we're happy to keep this logic persistent for all Stash-drops in the future. So yeah, that's not changing. Also, Gateway isn't going anywhere! It's a permanent map in our core Quick-match map rotation - FYI.

    If you completed all of your placement matches during Boss Leagues Season 0, after 8am ET tomorrow once the game boots up you'll be greeted with the Silver Weapon skin reward redemption process, where you'll be able to select your exclusive reward! Just follow the prompts on-screen to claim your prize.

    Again, thanks for participating in Boss Leagues Season 0 and playing during the All-Star event!
  • [EVENT] Double XP Week

    Hey LawBreakers,

    Thanksgiving is coming up, and the team came up with the perfect way to help you celebrate this joyous time of year with loved ones... we're not referring to recipes or ways to avoid those thorny, booze soaked political discussions, we're talking about a way to let you play more LawBreakers, of course!

    To sweeten the deal even more, we’re turning on double XP from Nov. 21 through Nov. 27. That’s nearly a full week of double XP which means double the Stash Drops!

    Remember, Blitzball Stash Drops will be leaving the game on Nov. 30, so now is your chance to play and earn those sweet All-Star Skins you’ve been wanting.

    Starts: Tuesday, November 21 11am PT / 2pm ET / 8pm CET
    Ends: Monday, November 27 11am PT / 2pm ET / 8pm CET
    *This event can only be completed in Quick Match and Boss Leagues.
    *Achievement XP is not included in this event.
    *Party Bonus XP is not included in this event.

    Get ready to play, level up, and get those Stash Drops. See you in-game.

    - The LawBreakers Team