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  • We're still working on producing videos, guides, and tutorials to help folks learn the game as quickly as possible. We don't want to force anyone to sit through videos, but there is a Cred reward for watching them on PC.
  • Hey all, reach out to customer support about your server needs: That's the best way to keep track of requests and issues.
  • Try reaching out to customer support: This might be an issue because of how the promotion is set up.
  • Try reaching out to Limited Run's customer service about getting the right code for your region: If they're unable to help you out, here's the customer support for LawBreakers (this would be good for your Deadzo questi…
  • Have you had a chance to play some more matches in Occupy? I'm wondering if anticipating the locations is helpful at all, or if it still feels frustrating after playing a few matches in that game mode.
  • Glad to hear you've been enjoying the game! Was the cheaper edition the add-on for the regular game? We had a Steam store entry for the base game, Deadzo Edition, and Deadzo Add-on. Let me know so I can follow up if there was something buggy about t…
  • Thank you for your feedback, and I'm sorry to hear you've been having this issue in the game. This is on our radar. In the meanwhile, what were any specific gameplay things that were particularly confusing/difficult to see? edit: other gameplay…
  • Hey lawbreaker9000! Seeing posts like this is actually super helpful for us devs, particularly when we're trying to figure out how to prioritize tasks to better serve our players. Fortunately a lot of your talking points are things we've been discus…
  • Hey! Thanks for the feedback and checking out the sandbox! Those are both definitely on our radar, and it's good to know that players want those features too.