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  • That is what Hubs are for in Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha. Instead of a traditional server browser where all you see in the browser are Game Lobbies, the hub shows you instead a network that you can join: a Hub. Once you joined a Hub, you can …
  • Yeah, it's from September 2017. Patch 1.4 was released that month. Dan Nanni, like Cliffy B and Tramell Isaac, is a great speaker. The presentation itself was great. What I liked less was that during the conference, Dan made a lot of analogies to…
  • I don't have time to get into the details, but ultimately, yes, I would agree with you that Low Gravity zones hurt the game and the way the game levels were designed, that combined with low gravity zones, make the game more chaotic, more hitscan bas…
  • Once you use Was Stab Lunge, you need to wait 2.4 seconds for the cool down to finish. If you perform a melee attack during that cool down, you reset the cool down and need to wait another 2.4 sec. before you can Wasp Stab Lunge again.
  • I would agree that Vertigo isn't the greatest map for LawBreakers, since it can be easily dominated by long range classes. And the spawn zone are right next to the objective. The map Trench is similar. Trench is the second worst map. However, Tre…
  • That's it? That's the only news you got for us? What's going on? Is the game shutting down? Is BKP working on a new game? Is BKP working on something to fix CCU? When should we expect the next new update to be released?
  • We are now almost in February 2018 and Custom Games between friends are killing this game. The CCU is low (0-15 activep layers online) and players are unable to find matches in Matchmaking , unaware that the few players online are actually playing c…
  • I started over. Hopefully, more players will post similar guides later on. But at the moment, this is the best Wraith guide out there. All-Star ★ How to play Wraith
  • Because they happily deleted the same one on Reddit after it got around 20 upvotes. And I asked them to delete this thread 2 times via Reports. But no, instead they took the time to delete another thread that I posted about the lack of forum options…
  • Is a mod or admin finally going to delete this thread or do I need to post more jokes?
  • The game has gameplay issues, it fails to retain players. The game has player progression issue, it fails to retain players. The game has visual clarity issues, it confuses players and it doesn't feel as good as other games. The game has accessibi…
  • Unfortunately, I think LB uses UE4 4.13 and this is for 4.14. Unreal Tournament currently offers Forward Shading as an option, but doesn't yet offer MSAA.
  • As a gamer, you should be aware that not every game support 21:9. It's not really ''standard''.
  • How to Remove Negative Video About Your Company on YouTube
  • I totally agree. Many guns in the game don't sound like they can pack a punch. They sound very pew pew and weak. It's one of those things that make the guns feel less satisfying to use than in other FPS games. The lack of damage that headshot inflic…
  • I forgot to add, Matchmaking also kicks players. It's kind of dumb. Why is that still occurring?
  • The red outline is stupid. Flat out bad. The only reason why it's there is because they want players to wear different colors so they can sell Stash Boxes for a game we have already paid $29.99 that is multiplayer only.
  • For DOOM 2016, Id Software created their own AA solution. Random user from the DOOM forums: Then there's id's own TSSAA (Temporal Super Sampling) in which the game takes samples from the past 8 rendered frames and applies them as anti aliasin…
  • RoOhDiNi wrote: » I've been asking for 4xMSAA months ago. Nobody seems to care. LawBreakers uses Unreal ENgine 4 and it probably uses Deferred Rendering which is why it LB doesn't have MSAA that mainly works with Forward Rendering.
  • The game got new players, they just left. The game has trouble retaining them. 60,000+ copies sold and 30 online? It's obvious. This is obviously a mix of reasons including low Online Population, slow progression system, unsatisfying stash boxes an…