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LawBreakers causing my monitor display to crash

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so when im trying to play law breakers, after a certain while the game will go completely black and then my monitors get no signal from my computer. this has only occurred when trying to play lawbreakers. all other games work.
my pc specs are as follows
geforce gtx 970 superclocked
gigabyte g1. z170 motherboard.
1 tb hard drive
128gb ssd
8 gb ddr4 ram
please someone help me with this issue. i run three monitor displays for streaming and i turned two of them off to see if it would still occur and it did


  • NxA_NoxieNxA_Noxie
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    Have you tried to verify your game files?
    Are your drivers up to date?

    I believe there were issues previously with using 3 monitors, I see you said you turned them off, but was that turning off the power or changing your displays to 1 screen?

    If none of these suggestions solve the issue please contact customer support.