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Health regen after kills

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Due to the fact that you have to get out of the gunfight to regen health, would it not be better to have some of the health to be regenerated upon killing someone? I know the assasins ultimate already has this. However, I think the game would be more fluent in this sense and would give the oportunity to stay longer in gunfights with several oponents.
I dont think a full regen would be right, but some health could be nice.


  • sLenBoatsLenBoat
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    I think the system that is used now might slow it down. In games that does not have health regen like CS you can still come out of gunfights on top with 1hp if you are good. In LawBreakers, this does not seem to be the case as it takes a lot more bullets to kill.
  • atavaxatavax
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    I was thinking about the issue of the charging stations. Maybe instead of what they are now, they could be significantly larger, like a hallway but with a slower regen rate. So you like a hall you walk through it, and by the time you walk through the hall, you're healed. So you aren't standing around doing nothing when getting healed. But its not like ok, i almost died, then 2 seconds later i'm at full health. Its kind of like forcing you to go one of a couple routes to get healed and it gives the enemy team time to try to finish you off. But its not like, you're doing nothing while getting healed, you're still being productive and going from point a to point b.

    Basically, you don't want someone being stuck at low health and doomed to die quickly their next fight. But if you take someone down to near death, you don't want to feel like all that damage was meaningless. You also don't want out of combat regen that encourages people to avoid combat as their health slowly tics up. I think the iteration we saw during the tests, had the areas too small, which made it so people were annoyed standing still for as long as it took to heal. If they were significantly larger, you could revert to the older heal rate, possibly even a slower one, because you would expect combat inside of the heal zones.
  • MissMurderMissMurder
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    We have heard your feedback on the health stations and have changed some things other than upping the speed of healing. Stay tuned for more details ;)
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    Health stations are more than enough.