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Colorblind Filter for player names, HUD elements

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I have difficulty seeing red objects/text in games like this, I'm sure there are others with similar issues, as colorblindness affects about 5% of men. Would be nice to be able to customize the colors to better suit our eyes.


  • bkp_heptadbkp_heptad
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    Thank you for your feedback, and I'm sorry to hear you've been having this issue in the game. :/ This is on our radar. In the meanwhile, what were any specific gameplay things that were particularly confusing/difficult to see?

    edit: other gameplay stuff aside from player names and hud, of course
  • NumbDutsNumbDuts
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    I have brought this up since alpha testing (I am both red and green colorblind).
    It is very hard to see who is on your team and who is on the opposing tea.
    I have proposed several ideas to handle this in-game (I wont re-write the mass that I have 3 times now, so you can check my posts about it in alpha and beta issues. I offer both problems and mutliple solutions for those problems).
    Its hard to tell if the enemy is taking damage or not.
    Its hard to see enemies against some backgrounds.
    And, the OP's original issue of names.

    Either the people in yellow here did not convey the issues to Bosskey, or Bosskey has either chosen to ignore it or it fell through the cracks.
    I prefer to think its the latter, that it fell through the cracks.