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Game keeps freezing up (again)

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edited August 7, 2016 in Alpha Technical Issues & Bugs
So when I first got a key I could launch the game and run it...but it would constantly freeze up (My vid card only has 1 gig of memory) a test or two after that my friends told me they better optimized the game and I would be able to play it on low settings and they were right and I was able to.

Last test weekend I put it on low and the game ran completely smooths and no problems at all, so I boot it up today and want to play for a while and enter the contest (Which I know I wont win lol) and it's as bad if not worse than the first time I played it...I keep freezing up and when it unfreezes I'm dead. I don't get what gives since I was able to run it smoothly last time.