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[audio bug] Vanguard machine gun loops at round en

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in Alpha Technical Issues & Bugs
If I hold lmb to fire the minigun as the round is ending the sound continues to loop until the next round start.


  • ChayzeChayze
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    In addition to that, you can continue shooting while the game is looking for the next match.
    (at least as a Vanguard as your selected class)
  • NxA_NoxieNxA_Noxie
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    The looping sound is an issue. :) Thanks for reporting.

    As a map ends and a new map loads you can still run around and shoot, we'll look into it. :)
  • ChrisDaBacChrisDaBac
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    Yeah the same thing happened for me, but for me it was 4 of the same sound looping xD (There were 4 people shooting end of round)