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Closed Alpha Patch Notes - 0.5.2 [August 5, 2016]

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Attention LawBreakers,


Welcome to Closed Alpha Patch 0.5.2, our second “hotfix” update featuring improvements to matchmaking and a few minor fixes. In our previous test, we had the Alpha up for more than 80 hours and received some VERY insightful feedback on the game. Thank you! Considering that, we hear you on a number of things relating to overall game balance and more. So, after this weekend’s test, we’re going to spend some time further tuning the game in a variety of ways with your feedback in mind. Stay locked to all our social channels (and your email!) as we’ll have news on additional tests in the future because after this this test, the Alpha will go offline for a bit.

Like before, this test represents both maps (Grandview & Promenade) and both modes (Overcharge & Turf War) in rotation. The “Quickmatch” button will automatically search for a match, as there is no functionality right now to choose a specific mode or map.

Testing Times
- PT: Saturday, August 6th @ 1 PM PDT to Sunday August 7th at 6 PM PDT
- ET: Saturday, August 6th @ 4 PM EDT to Sunday August 7th 9 PM EDT
- UTC: Saturday, August 6th @ 8 PM UTC to Monday August 8th 1 AM UTC
- AEST: Sunday August 7th @ 6 AM AEST to Monday August 8th 11 AM AEST

Patch 0.5.2 Hotfixes

- Improved matchmaking – Matchmaking times may be longer than previous Alpha’s
- New “Tutorials” tab in front game menu featuring video tutorials for all current game modes and roles

Previous Major Patch 0.5 Notes (July 22, 2016)


- Increased alt-fire fuel consumption from 50% to 60%


- Removed melee tracking - This option still appears on the front end but does not function
- Romerus ideal damage range increased from 20 to 25 units (revert to Patch 0.3 values)


- Reduced duration of Neutron Mine slow field from 10 to 3 seconds
- Neutron Mine can now be destroyed before the slow field is triggered


-Firing the Badger Causes Character Lighting to Flicker in First Person POV

New Stuff & Improvements

- Introduction of a brand new game mode: Turf War
- New "Leave Match" button
- Added informative bullet-point text to all character weapons & abilities
- Improved video settings
- Party invites can now be received while in a match
- Press Tab while in chat to switch between "Team" and "All-Chat"
- Experimenting with new anti-cheat solutions
- New Friend Online status

Bug Fixes

- Fixed audio settings not being saved when restarting the game.
- Fixed game resolution and UI does not scaling when going from windowed to full screen.
- Fixed missing input when returning to game after alt-tabbing out, during map travel.
- Fixed issue where mouse horizontal and vertical sensitivity were not the same
- Fixed long matchmaking times for parties
- Fixed issue when players were not able to connect to LB correctly when using non-standard characters for their steam names
- Fixed Unicode characters not displaying with in-game chat.
- Fixed issue where disbanded party members would be stuck in matchmaking

Known Issues:


- Players can be idle kicked during the end of match screens
- Chain lightning remains attached to enemies
- After joining a match on the fly, red outline is missing on enemies
- Users may still experience the error "quickmatch unsuccessful matchmaking for region DEV"
- Player may idle out and be stuck in a ‘lobby’ state and unable to get back into a game. Players effected by this should select ‘leave lobby’ and rejoin matchmaking


- Sliders set to zero will automatically re-position to 50%
- Mouse exits game window when using Full Screen with dual monitors
- Reset to Default button does not work


- Connected controllers vibrate while playing with Keyboard and mouse
- 'Left' and 'Right' arrow keys move the camera
- Pressing 'Down' arrow key scrolls the key map page instead of remapping


- Rebinding ability keys does not update keys on the HUD
- Battery Capture message are sometimes out of order when immediately capturing battery after pickup
- Death-cam HUD sometimes missing after switching Roles
- Hit marker pips display when player spectator takes damage right before you respawn
- Turf War Game HUD freezes when joining an existing match
- Game mode HUD says "Score 13 to Win" during Overtime, even when both teams have 13 points


- Map name in lobby screen sometimes displays "Untitled #"
- Party and party leader icon are always displayed, and overlapping, on Scoreboard
- Player's names are being cut off on the in-game scoreboard


- Stats are not saved for Players that leave a match before the match ends
- Stats: Average Score and Distance Traveled is not being tracked


  • BlakezBlakez
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    edited August 7, 2016
  • TorchTorch
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    Great update, I love what you did with sensitivity, it was an issue before, for me. LawBreakers is an awesome game, love it!
  • ZedikusZedikus
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    I assume the servers are only up during those times ? Only reason I question it is I tried to log in all weekend and could not. Any feedback would be helpful.
  • OneLetterOneLetter
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    Zedikus said:

    I assume the servers are only up during those times ? Only reason I question it is I tried to log in all weekend and could not. Any feedback would be helpful.
    Servers are currently closed, and our final Alpha test is in the books. We're sorry if you had problems connecting during that time, but we'll have announcements on what's coming in the future down the road, so stay tuned to here and social media.
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