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Assassin's survival guide

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Hopefully in the next test phase we can setup solo maps or closed environment for smaller test groups so I can get some informative footage with friends to put some visuals on what I'm about to say here. I just want to list advanced essentials to help others be more competitive on Sin next phase around.

1- To be a good Sin sadly is to forget you have a hook( until they remove charges) or use it mostly out of combat and/or to get out of combat with your last charge. Hook is not a reliable combat device in this game it will get you killed and pretty much only makes you predictable/floaty.
2- Learn to skip passively so you can do it easily in combat. Skipping is timing single jumps to retain momentum usually after dash or hook.

3- Right click Romulus to go down or up in zero G.

4- Use two charges in combat and reset the fight with the third regardless of what happens. Always dash before target acquisition, meaning don't wait til you're getting shot at.

5- Roam with swords out until they fix weapon switch delay.

6- Almost systematically dash when you want to slash. Get used to pairing these two. Absolutely do not waste a charge hooking to/on to people. Not only is it unreliable if will get you killed most of the time. Use steady, consistent, reliable physics to maximize muscle memory, namely: Dash.

7- Dash in/land on, double slash /kick> dash out is your bread and butter. Never start flailing at someone/chasing with swords, land one or two precise sword swing, combo if safe or gtfo.

8- Abuse weapon switching in combat. In the context of dueling especially: Dash outs are paired with nade /Romulus and dash ins are paired with sword slash and kick generally. Not systematically of course.

9- Zero G is not your friend. Every other classes can/should outplay you in there( until charges are removed) for now. Try not to commit to mid too hard early on unless you absolutely must. You WILL get rekt if you're playing same skill opponents. An assassin's playground is mostly somewhere between enemy spawn and low G area.

10- Gank or gtfo. Stay away from the heavies as much as possible unless you A- have team support. B- outskill them severely( which will be rare). C- cleaned up the rest of the team and you have to deal with them.

So here's a breakdown of how an ideal encounter plays out:

You dash out of spawn and skip away or hook / skip to conserve charges and maintain max velocity. Land on or dash to unsuspecting target, slash x2, kick, dash out as you weapon switch (before target acquisition), nade, Romulus LMB x3 or x1 RMB ( depending on pref and who you're facing). Most will be dead at that point. Dash in as you weapon switch sword slash x1-2, hook away from fight with your last charge to reset.

Any other Sin has thoughts or input on this? Had success doing things differently?

Not claiming any higher understanding here it's just what worked for me consistently and got me up to 70%+ win ratio so be kind! =D


  • ChaozombieChaozombie
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    Some great tactics and I agree mostly with everything but grappling can be very useful in a fight, if you attach your hook to the far left or right of the target you can swing behind or beside them very easily and very fast without them having the time to realise what's happened. If you over shoot it then just shift towards them and you'll be fine. This will not work on Titans though unless they have low health because you will get wrecked. Going up against a vanguard is hard too without the skills but enforcer is one I believe most assassin players should be fine with. This is a tactic that requires a bit more skill but do get good at grappling because it can be very useful when used correctly it's just much more difficult than shifting.
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    You said it yourself, it's much more difficult than shifting. It's about efficiency. I know the hook can be used successfully in combat not saying it can't. I'm saying it's much less consistent and reliable than dashing to target almost systematically.

    My first few hours of play I was trying hard to make the hook work both in and out of combat, 4 hours later I go entire games where I don't use the hook a single time yet I dominated. Higher up in the brackets hooking just broadcasts your position so bad that's part of the reason they need to remove charges on that thing. But I guess techniques change and improve how I will play in the next phase can be entirely different and hopefully they make the hook more viable because it's a damn shame I didn't feel like I could use it at all.
  • Sarge07Sarge07
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    my survival guide grapple first ask questions later buutt i guess yours is good too :-p

  • ErohEroh
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    Now if I can manage to get good with assassin, I will be happy.. (Mainly so I can be a kid and pretend to be spiderman)