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(Streaming)- Extreme lag no matter the settings

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to start
Nvidia pascal titan x 12gb
intel i7 6700 k
2x ripjaw DDR4 16GB
strix rog h270f gaming motherboard

i have no issues recording any game I've ever tried in 4k... until now, I've even bumped down to 1920 x 1080 game will not stabilize, i have v sync going still refuses to hold proper frames. shut down OBS or X-split, I've tried both now Downloaded OBS after X-split was failing. and my game snaps back to to, either, 100 fps or 60 depending on what i have it set at and runs perfectly smooth. If you ahve a guide on balancing this game for streaming that would be wonderful


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    Make sure you're using hardware encoding (NVENC). The game is very CPU heavy, so try to keep your CPU usage outside of the game to a minimum. I've also found that using a high resolution for webcam in OBS can cause a huge performance hit, so if you're using one, you'll probably want to set that to 640x480 or lower.