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Blitzball Thoughts

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Blitzball is a very fun gamemode, but i dont like how the fast classes like the wraith or assassin can pick up the ball and use their incredible speed to go across the map in seconds.
what i think would fix this is if when you pick up the ball it would replace your weapon so no class would be able to blindfire to speed across the 0g zones, the assassin wouldnt be able to use her grapple and the wraith wouldnt be able to use his knife lunge. however if this was put into the game i think they would have to add the ability to throw the ball so that you could use your weapons again.
  1. What do you think.6 votes
    1. This is a good change and would help alot.
       17% (1 vote)
    2. Its an interesting idea, but it raises a few other issues
       33% (2 votes)
    3. No, i like Blitzball as it is
       50% (3 votes)