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Balancing the Classes

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Hi Cliffy. After playing Lawbreakers for the first time during the open beta, I was delighted to partake in a game that fun and near balanced. Different, fresh and extremely addicting. This will be an instant purchase.

The point of this thread is to list some of the balance issues I encountered while playing the game, and to the changes I would make. I spent a decent amount of time with all classes, and have arrived to a few changes that I feel would deliver a balanced solution to all. I will make my adjustment / tweaks opinions as swift as possible.

* Gunslinger. An overall balanced class, but I find his damage output to be too useful against all classes and ranges. I feel a small nerf to his six shooter would be enough. Both its regular fire, and its charge shot.
*Vanguard. Overall perfect, but I would except a minor damage nerf to her chaingun.

*Titan. I personally find this to be the worst class in the game. His rockets explode after 25 feet (?), making his rockets unusable at medium or long range. His secondary deals perfect damage, but is also an extremely close range weapon. The same with his special, also close range. This combined with his slow movement speed makes him a challenge to use even at close range. Most classes can breeze through a titan with ease.

After playing as him and against him, I feel the following would be the necessary changes to make him both useful / balanced and fun to play: Increase his rocket range to 75 feet ( assuming the current distance is 25 feet ), as well as slightly increase the speed at which his rockets travel. And finally, give a very small range increase with his secondary arc weapon.

*Juggernaut. This class is the second most unbalanced next to the Titan for me. His shotgun deals very low damage, while his armor ability makes him sponge. I feel the solution is reversing this current role. As of now, He is only useful for soaking up damage and annoying players with his shotgun. I find the current gameplay with him to be annoying and frustrating. Here is what I would do instead. Double the damage of his shotgun, while significantly nerfing his armor ability. Both by reducing its defense, as well as its recharge time. This will make him more of a threat at close range, but still vulnerable at any range other than close. This class should dominate at close range, yet he has one of the weakest weapons, if not the weakest weapon in the game. I don't want this class to be able to fight anyone at any range other than close, but at close, he should quickly eliminate most enemies with 2 or 3 accurate shots.

*Enforcer. Another balanced class. I would just give his emp grenade a damage boost (does it even do damage? lol)

*Medic. I love this class. However, I would give the medics grenade launcher a very small splash damage increase. As of now, it is quite limited for trying to provide support from a distance. A very small increase in the splash / radius is all it needs. Damage output is perfect.

*Assassin. Excellent again. I feel the shotgun is a little OP is all. A minor damage nerf is all that's needed. I need to play as this class more to decide if I feel the movement speed is balanced. At times I thought the base movement speed could be increased, but I didn't spend enough time with this class to be sure. Either that, or increase the sword slash range. I will hold out until the game releases to accurately evaluate.

* Wraith. Amazing. All I would do is give his gun an extra 5 bullets. I know it sounds pointless lol but I think this is needed. The need to reload so often can be a bit annoying and costly in close range battles, so the extra 5 bullets would give an important edge in close range.

These are the changes I feel should be implemented to balance all classes and make them fun as well as useful. I spent a lot of time feeling out battle and to what was needed. Like I mentioned, most classes are already fantastic, its mostly Titan and Juggernaut I have very big problems with. If these two classes do not change, I honestly see no point in using them. For me anyway.

I look forward to seeing others interpretations on the game, and to what is needed.