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[Game mode idea] Supply & Deliver

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The score zones is usually located at each side of the Law & breakers' bases, and the objective are usually at the center of the map.But what if we could have other variants where the score zone would be located at the center of the map? I would like to share a few of my ideas :

1. Starting, a locked zone will be located in the center of the point and both sides will have to capture and unlock the zone.
2. Unlocking the zone will then activates the objective and it'll spawns at the base depending on which side cap-ed the zone.(e.g. Objective will spawns at Law's base if Law cap-ed the zone.)
3. Both team will move to the objective's location and fighting for the objective then bring it to the center point (unlocked zone) to score it.
4. A short intermission occurs after a successful scored, then the zone reset again. (similar to Turf War)
5. Score a certain amount of points to gain victory.
(Imma leave it to Boss Key to deals with the numbers) xD

*Both capture the zone & scoring the objective provided a 2 points of total earning, 1 point from each.*

-Idea holes- [It's very exploitable by camping at the center point waiting for the carrier then killed him off to re-obtain the objective and make a quick score.] SO the objective wouldn't be dropped from the carrier even if he got killed, but rather the objective will be reset to it's spawned side.

As we already have an Antenna for Uplink & a battery for Overcharge currently, I think that this mode could uses something special.
*Every time we've unlocked the center zone, our base becomes a generator and starts generating Hadronium supplies. We'll have to harvest it (waiting for the shield timer before grabbing an objective) and delivers it (scoring the objective) to the center point.*

Anyways...JUST A FEW MORE DAYS TILL LAUNCH!!!! Lawbreakers <3 Keep it up Boss Key. B)


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    Meh, I'd rather have 2flag CTF or 5CP personally.