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Team 34 - Join the team!

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Looking for a clan? Join Team 34.

Team 34 is a new clan looking for all players.
So far we are still small, but we are growing fast! That means you will always have someone to play with.

Our goals are simple:

House players from all time zones.
House both casual, and competitive players
Do leagues, and become the best LawBreakers clan.

But not without your help. Being the #1 clan, starts with you.
So far we are on the right track.

So join in! And let's have some fun!*

*Team 34 is a PC only clan.
*Team 34 does not allow players with a history of hacking. If caught, you will be removed from the clan.
  1. Are you down for the team?8 votes
    1. OH YEA!!!!
       88% (7 votes)
    2. YOU KNOW IT!
       13% (1 vote)