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I am buying this game because of Wraith:

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Please BK don't do any crazy nerfs in the future like every other dev. People will cry and complain, but don't just listen to the loudest folks. Make all of your characters good and don't ruin heroes for others. I just want assurances that nerfs/buffs will happen with subtle changes and not just gut certain characters to death.

Other than that, I love everything about this game.



  • MercBerserkMercBerserk
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    They already nerfed him, probably slightly too much but he was still a ton of fun to play at open beta. I like Gunslinger too who is a bit over powered and Assassin I think is on the weak side. Those three I played and would enjoy the game with all of them. The others, I barely played so I imagine at least one or two of those will be fun to play as well.

    I wouldn't focus only on one role if I were you. I imagine they might consider putting role limits per team in ranked so you might no always and only be able to play Wraith but that is just a guess. I hope it isn't limited to only one per team though, there are just not enough roles for that to be a good idea.
  • XCCuteXCCute
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    Max of 2 roles per team would be a good spot if you ask me. Given the cool vibe of the entire cast I think it would be a shame and boring to have Wraith only matches.