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My Thoughts on the Final LawBreakers Beta~!

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Greetings! The final LawBreakers beta has come and gone, and like with every beta previously, I’d like to give my final thoughts on a myriad of subjects, the most pertaining to character balance, but here we go:


I still think they look fine, but there is room for improvement. I still think having optional crosshairs and an optional ammo counter in the options would be very helpful. Personally, I’ve gotten used to the ammo counter being on the weapons themselves, but I think an optional ammo counter in the bottom right corner of the screen wouldn’t hurt.

Otherwise, I am fine with the menus and UI.


A number of new customizable goodies were added to this final beta, and I very much like a lot of them. The animated profile icons/avatars I thought were very cool, and there’s a bunch of them. The weapon stickers are also neat—most of the time they’re in a very noticeable spot, and there’s also a BUNCH of these stickers. The “kick decals” are also neat, and pretty silly. The chances of you seeing these in a game are few and far between, but they are a neat addition, nonetheless.

Every character also has an abundance of skins—at least 10 or more skins per character. Some of them are recolors, but at least two of the skins are straight alternate costumes, and these alternate costumes also have recolors. There’s a LOT of stuff to be collected in this game, so collectors will be happy.

The Stash Boxes also seemed to drop coins on the regular, which is really nice, because some of those skins are really pricey. I don’t really have a whole ‘lot else to say about the Stash Boxes themselves, other than that the opening animations are cool to look at, and you do seem to get items of a higher rarity fairly often I’ve found.


The new Trench map is crazy! I really like it—there’s a lot of angles of attack, and the really open middle ground is a fun and interesting area to fight in.

I also like the lore of how at the top of Trench, is the map Vertigo. So, when you fall in Vertigo, you eventually splat down into Trench. I don’t know, I’m a sucker for that kind of thing. Overall, I really like Trench a lot—it’ll be a very nice map to have in the rotation!


The Enforcer got another tweak, mostly to his Aerator assault rifle. More bullets in the clip, but overall less damage. I think the Enforcer is fine. He’s very strong at any point in the map, and is a great pick regardless of the map or mode.

The Vanguard got no changes this time, which is fine. I still think the Vanguard is fine, but could the class use some more tweaks? Perhaps. I’ve entertained the idea of a faster reload speed(faster by 60 frames/one second), and a faster refill rate on her fuel gauge. But, even if those changes don’t come, I think the Vanguard is still a good class that can dish out the pain and also be very mobile.

Probably the biggest changes the Assassin has gotten was she got one more round in her Romerus shotgun, and a larger AOE on her Frenzy ultimate. I think these buffs are fine.

On the other hand, I feel the universal melee range nerf hurt the Assassin the most. She still has her “precision hit” mechanic, and she still has her good mobility, but I think she needs something more to compensate for this melee range nerf. Now, I don’t think increasing her melee range is the answer. I think her melee can be made better without resorting to that. What I think she could use is the ability to do her three slash melee combo regularly—that is, without having to hit an opponent first. This would allow the Assassin to deal burst damage with her blades more frequently, because landing that third slash does 100(or 175) damage. Even if the Assassin is kicked away, she still has the chance of dealing a good chunk of damage with her blades without having to resort to her shotgun against skilled players. That change to her melee I think would make the Assassin much better to play, and a more effective combatant.

Otherwise, the only other balance change I had in mind for the Assassin is that any active cooldowns she has get reset when she activates her key/ultimate ability Frenzy.

There is actually one other thing I think would be good for the Assassin, and it's a quality of life change that pertains to her precision strike mechanic. When you're in melee range, and the crosshair is on your opponent, I'd like the crosshair to change color in order to indicate you can land a precision hit; perhaps a shade of red. This isn't entirely necessary, but I think it would be a nice QOL change for the Assassin.

I was surprised to see that the Titan got buffed in this beta. An extra rocket, and a slightly faster reload speed on the rocket launcher. This makes the Titan better, but again, not overwhelmingly so. I have no balance changes or suggestions for the Titan.

It never really occurred to me until this final beta, but the Gunslinger is perhaps the strongest class in low gravity. When classes are floating around not moving via abilities or blind-fire, the Gunslinger can make quick work of any opponent with a few charged shots of his Omega pistol.

The Gunslinger seems really strong in this beta, but nothing much really changed with him outside of a buff to the damage of his tac-knife. I’m really unsure of what changes to suggest for the role/class, because I think the Gunslinger rides that line of a class who is either “too strong” or “not strong enough”. Some folks were suggesting to bring back the damage of the charged Omega shot to 140, but leave the damage falloff as is. I honestly have no suggestions for the class—I don’t play Gunslinger, and I probably will never take the time to seriously learn the class. All I know, was that some Gunslingers were tearing me up this beta.

The Juggernaut got some reasonable nerfs in this patch, but the class still feels very strong! The class excels at combat in closed spaces, and for defending your base. He’s the perfect class to switch to if your team caps a battery/uplink, but he’s still very good at even helping a team hold down the middle of any map. The class sort of falters in longer ranged encounters, but that’s fine—I’d rather not the class be an absolute beast at every range.

My only gripe with the Juggernaut is that I’d like his melee range to be increased. Whenever a class gets close to the Juggernaut, they should be punished for it hard by getting a bayonet to the face with a helping of buckshot. With the universal melee nerf, it feels hard to give enemies that bayonet as you need to be RIGHT ON THEM. I’d like his melee range increased by 100 units—this doesn’t put it at the same level it was at before, but it does give the Juggernaut more of a threatening close range presence.

Battle Medic:
The Battle Medic also received no changes in this patch. The Battle Medic is another polarizing class, due to her shield-granting healing drone. Personally, I love it. As somebody who has barely survives a lot of fights, it’s very nice to be able to get a Battle Medic to throw a drone on you so that you don’t have to hunt down a healing station, and it’s also nice to get a drone on you right before or during a fight. Is it frustrating to lose fights because a healing drone saved your opponent’s life? Yeah, it is. By that same token, I always feel glad whenever a Battle Medic helps me win a fight. If an enemy Battle Medic is a nuisance on the enemy team, then I guess I’m just going to have to prioritize killing that little pest if I ever see it.

I don’t really have any gameplay or balance suggestions for the Battle Medic. I think the class is fine as is right now. We’ll have to see how the class compares to the Harrier soon.

The class that was on everybody’s lips last beta has returned, with some nerfs. I feel that the Wraith is still a very strong class, simply because of his crazy mobility, and the ability to be extremely evasive during fights. It’s downright hard to pin down a good Wraith sometimes when he’s jumping circles around you.

The Wraith probably was hurt the least by the universal melee nerf in my opinion, he can’t use his knife lunge to traverse around the map like he used to, since it now has diminishing returns on repeated usage--but that’s ultimately a good thing, I think. The Wraith’s slide and triple jump are crazy good mobility options—they’re arguably more mobile than the Assassin. At this point, I think the Wraith is fine now. I don’t really have any suggestions for this guy.


I feel like a role/class limit in gameplay should be looked at. Some of the roles don't really have *hard* counters, and it comes down to player skill in order to overcome a stack of a certain class. It doesn't have to be implemented in quick play, but if a competitive mode gets added, I think a class limit would be worth implementing.

We’re less than a week away from the game finally releasing! Playing in the Alphas and Betas has been a fun and rewarding experience, and I’m excited to see LawBreakers release and continue to improve upon itself with more customizable items, more classes/roles to play, more maps and modes to fight on, and more balance changes down the pipeline. I’m super excited to finally get my hands on the retail product! Good work, you folks at BKP! I look forward to what’s in store for the future~!


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    I think what made the gunslinger so strong were the nerfs to the other classes. his buffs weren't anything special and were just changes to his throwing knife which made it more rewarding to hit. (except for his warp cooldown reduction which was a big buff to his mobility)
    maybe reduce his base omega damage from 160-150 so that he is less likely to 2 shot other classes without atleast hitting one headshot. ( he is unable to 2 shot any class if they are at full health anyway, but most of the time in lawbreakers the squishies are atleast missing 5 hp)
    i mostly play gunslinger so you could consider him my main and i think his omega pistol's damage should be reduced since i was unstoppable in the last beta.