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My Beta Feedback

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Thanks for letting me get to play both of the betas on my PS4 Pro, here is what I have to say:

-This game kicks ass.

- I'm not sure if this was class specific or intended, but I couldn't cancel the reloading animation if I reloaded manually as Titan. No action, not even Berserk, would stop the animation when I got back to the Hammerhead. Like I said, I'm not sure if this is intended, but it makes manually reloading even more punishing if someone comes around the corner while you think you have the time. I didn't notice or specifically test this with other classes, I played a lot of Titan. To be clear, I'm not saying the animation should be cancelled early with the reload complete, but I think any action should cancel the manual reload if there are rounds in the chamber and you have to start the animation over.

- Transitioning to blind fire seemed slow and clunky sometimes, especially following a reload. It seemed that I would push the button with no response sometimes, or the character would stop without firing if I released the button during the animation before the first shot goes off. I can see why you would want to stop midway through the blind fire animation sometimes, but I feel that a kick to cancel the animation if desired, instead of having to hold the button through the animation. As I'm sitting here I realize that it may be due to the weapons used for blind fire being automatic instead of semi-auto, causing the game to see the gun as firing the entire time the button is pushed, even though blind fire has a delay to move the gun into position before a shot actually goes off and propels you.

- The game felt balanced for the most part, the only things I might say are Omega charged shots seemed to be the most common cause of death and Wraith's gun has maybe too a little much range, but even with these it seemed fine, or really close to it. It's hard to judge these sort of thing through a beta. I'm sure there are plenty of stronger opinions on balance.

That's all that really jumps out at me. Keep up the good work.