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My 2 cents from the open beta

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First of all, I have to disagree with most people who claim Gunslinger is OP. Yes, getting 2 shot with the Omega sucks, but if he can do that, then I'm not doing a good job of staying mobile in a game designed around mobility. I actually really liked the balancing. I was most often killed by Enforcers, but that doesn't mean I think he's OP.

That said there are still 2 things that frustrate me while playing this:
1. Getting killed and not knowing where the kill came from. If I can't see how I died, how can I learn not to put myself in that position again? A killcam is a necessity in my opinion.

2. I have a good head of hair, but if I get placed in a match 30 seconds before the end, where I barely have time to leave the spawn, much less make it to the objective, I will pull it all out. I mean I got 0 points and rated a D for something that I clearly could do nothing about. I rarely scored below an A, but the few times I did, I can attribute it to being matched into a game that was already out of hand. Instead of putting people in those matches, you should have a mercy rule. If it goes 5 on 3, call it. Give the winners some extra points for the mercy and call it a match. And also, thoroughly punish those who abandon matches. I mean if a team goes up big quick, people start quitting like it's their New Year's resolution diet.

Thanks for listening, and I can't wait for August 8th.


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    I agree about the leavers, or rage and coward quitters should I say.
    A match lasts less than 10 minutes on most modes.
    Who can't play a 10 minutes match from start to end ? What's the emergency that make them quit, seriously ?
    They have to be punished. 2 levels down, money account reduced to 0 and no access to servers for 2 days. BAM.