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Characters Buffs and fixes

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Hello everyone.
I' have played beta LawBreakers and noticed some things about heros , that make them really OP(overpowered) or unplayable.
For exaple:
I think, that this hero is really OP, because he is fast and has got really big damage with his right gun .it is impossible to play VS him. When he teleports he shoots with both guns and he kills you with 2 or 3 teleports.Most players plays only tapping L2 and R2.
I adice to reduce damage of his right gun and do smth to make aimming on it harder.
If you play VS this girl , you have no chances to stay alive , because when she starts to shoot she wont stop . Vanguard's gun has got big damage , a lot of ammo in her gun and abbility that allows her to speed up her gun. With it she becomes unstoppable.
I advice to reduce damage or to reduce ammo in her gun without reducing the damage.
I will not write about him alot, because he is normal but need smth to make him faster.
For examle: reduce time of reloading( when you are attacking enemies u have got a big chance not to kill them with all amo, and it looks sily when 5min age you were shooting and now jumpping like a monkey, trying to reload),
Increase time of worsening spreading ,
Make his abbility to slide in air.

That is all for now because only these 2 enemies were annoying me too much in this beta test.

Sorry me for my engl.
Im russian and just practicng my engl. skills.
Thanks for understanding.

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  • AceStylesAceStyles
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    I agree.The gunslinger is very open because he is very agile and his mini burst pistol does alof damage no doubt.As for vanguard I think she is fairly balanced due to her burst thing on cools down veryy fast but other than that you are on point
  • DiaboloDiabolo
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    I'm'not skilled enough to strongly confirm this or that about the classes balance.
    But I feel like classes with machine guns are easier to handle and more profitable than the others.
    I mean, I tried to play with the robot and the battle medic. I barely killed someone with each of them.
    I feel like they're too weak for that kind of weapon, even if they have a good rate of fire and abilities to get closer to the ennemy.
    The robot may have 600 hp, I get strafed from far away before being able to shot 4 times and I can see that the health meter of the ennemy has barely been impacted.
    The battle medic has a good rate of fire but I feel like the grenade-launcher is very weak on zone damages. If I miss the ennemy's body, I feel like the explosion does not hurt him that much.
    This is a disturbing feeling when I play them, it becomes obvious to me when I switch to the Vanguard and shot 5 guys in a row thanks to her good damage, her huge ammo capacity and her 5 grenades pack.