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My Beta character tier list

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I've played about 20 hours of the beta over the last 2 and a half days so I feel somewhat qualified to be able discuss who I feel are the strongest characters. As a disclaimer I have played the assassin almost exclusively). First I'll explain the different tiers.

S+ tier - these characters essentially have no weaknesses and force all other characters to play around them.

S tier - these characters are good in unskilled hands and very powerful in skilled ones. However their weaknesses are slightly more exploitable than the S+ characters. They have a big impact on the flow of the game.

A tier - these characters can have an impact on the game, but are more situational than the higher tier characters. This is because their weaknesses are even easier to exploit and circumventing these weakness demands a lot of skill from the player using them.

B tier - an average character that can have a very small impact on the game.

C tier - a character that has no impact on a game and as such, using this character is equivalent to throwing the game.

So now let's get into the tiers.


S (both of these characters are close to being S+ tier)

Battle medic (in an organised team this character could be S tier)

Titan (on pc I think this character would be A tier, but low sensitivity and awkward controls makes them hard to use effectively on console)

Hitscan characters rule the game at the moment since they are the easiest weapons to use given the games high movement and fast pace.
In a competitive setting I imagine all teams would run a combination of battle medic, wraith and gunslinger (if there is no hero limit). The gunslinger does more damage at all ranges than both the vanguard and the enforcer and is able to duel any character pretty easily - he is way too oppressive. The wraith can do everything the assassin can do but is easier to use and has better in-combat mobility. The wraith also does comparable damage to the vanguard and enforcer. I don't think the wraith deserves to have a hitscan weapon for the mobility and melee attack that he has.

I think all characters should sit around the s tier rank, which is why I would like to see nerfs to the gunslinger and wraith and buffs to the titan, juggernaut and assassin.

As an assassin main I can only comment on what I think she needs. I think better in-combat mobility would help. For example a triple jump, making her second jump go higher and reach max height faster or improving the speed of her dash. A buff to her grenade would also help, like a damage buff or a better special effect (reflecting projectiles is a bit weak since there are too few projectile characters with hitscan being dominant). Maybe something like applying a damage debuff to people she hits with it. This would make her better at dueling and giver her a more team oriented ability.

There are no c tier characters as I believe every character can have an impact on the game.