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Assassin Dash Bug

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This is going to be a little hard to explain since I'm still learning all the characters names and abilities but I feel like this needs to be posted. I was playing with assassin, on PC if that matters, and was in a pretty intense battle where one character, I believe it was enforcer, hit me with a disrupt grenade(?). All I know is my abilities were disrupted showing the scratchy stuff and what not like it normally would, but I started spamming shift (dash) because I just was waiting for it to come back and dash immediately and when the disrupt went away I couldn't use any of my dashes. The three charges were there and I could double jump, but I couldn't dash or use my grapple. After shooting my Romerus and reloading it (all this is happening while in combat so I'm a little flustered), it seemed to fix it because I switched to the blades and could dash again. Very strange and I didn't know how to record it at the time so I waited until after I got off the game and decided to post this. I think it's a pretty critical bug if you're playing assassin since she heavily relies on her dash. I can't really recreate it since the combat was so hectic and I'm not even 100% sure what could have caused it.


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    Yes, i had this bug too.

    It's a pretty rare bug, so it's hard to record because i don't know when the bug activate exactly. On the 2 last beta tests i had this bug sometimes.

    So you play Assassin, and then suddenly your are not able to use your dash. You have all the 3 charges of your dash, but you can't use them (when you try to use your dash there is the same sound as when you don't have charges or when an Enforcer EMP you). And i remember that sometimes i was able to use my grappling hook for to "delete" the bug and for to be able to use dash again. Other times i was just dead in fights.