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Forum Rules & Guidelines

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We’re looking to build a community of open discussion and direct feedback, but in order to do that, we have a few guidelines to help keep the community moving and progressing forward.


Be awesome.
Two simple words that go a long way.

Stay on topic, don’t derail.
If you’re in a specific thread, keep that conversation moving based on the original topic. If you want to go off-topic, we have an ENTIRE whole section just for that.

Use the search bar.
With something this new, there’s bound to be many topics asking the same things. Run a quick search, and if you don’t find anything related or recent, feel free to start a new topic.

Report any issues.
Whether it’s a bug in the forum, or someone not being awesome, hit that report button and we’ll take a look.

Tell your friends.
Seriously, get them in here. There’s a lot more to come. Wait; don’t invite them if they’re a jerk.


Be a jerk.
Jerks are the opposite of awesome. Treat others in this forum how you wish to be treated, and we’ll all get along. We don’t like warning/banning people, but will if we have to.

You only need to post something once for people to see it. No need to post the same question across multiple threads.

Post inappropriate images or use excessive foul language.
If what you want to post could appear in a magazine like Maxim, you’re fine.

Do anything illegal.
We shouldn’t have to say this, but come on.
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