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New Map Suggestion

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First off I'd like to say that I do not expect a map to just pop up out of nowhere and I know that making another map takes time and I don't expect you to produce one at launch.

With recent maps like reactor and vertigo popping up I feel like the no Grav zones are just becoming too large and are sort of breaking the balancing in the game to favor classes which can utilize those area's better. I'm not necessarily saying that the maps need to be changed, but I have noticed that Vertigo is really unpopular with many people leaving a few minutes in. Feel free to do with that information what you like.

However I just wanted to suggest an idea for a new map that maybe some people will find more interesting. My 2 favorite maps in the game right now are Mammoth and Station, because they have a very good balance of grav and no grav areas making sure that every kind of playstyle has a chance on those maps. So as a suggestion for a new map I would like to see one that is placed inside a science lab on top of a skyscraper where maybe some kind of gravitational experiment went wrong.

I have also spent about half an hour thinking of what a map like that could look like if it were a good mix between No-Grav and Grav zones so that all classes can be viable on it. Excuse the poor paint skills.


Anyhow, just some thoughts don't expect it to get taken too seriously but if you could do something with it that would be sweet.
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