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Aim Style Option is Non-functional

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edited July 5, 2017 in PS4 Beta Technical Issues & Bugs
Currently the Singlezone option just uses the same aim mechanics as Dualzone.


  • kompastkompast
    LawBreakers Rep: 485
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    This is still the case. Please fix, and make the singlezone option somewhat competent mechanic wise. Dualzone sucks in so many ways.
  • NxA_NoxieNxA_Noxie
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    Hey there,

    QA is looking into this today. :)
  • gregotaurgregotaur
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    and please please please double to triple the sensitivity range
  • Desert_PunkDesert_Punk
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    Sorry for hijacking this thread but since it got an official response and my issue is related I'll try my luck here.

    I made this thread regarding aiming issues that includes a technical issue regarding the earliest versions of the Dualshock 4 controller:

    Will it have better chances of catching the devs attention if I post it in this section?

    Much appreciated and sorry for hijacking once again.