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Thank you all from the Dev Team

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Hello all, Rohan here from Boss Key Productions, the studio making LawBreakers.

I wanted to drop a quick note from the Dev team thanking everyone for their Beta testing (on both PC and PS4) over the past few days.

Many of you have found bugs, identified issues, presented your opinions and feedback on balance and much more and we appreciate it very much.

After the Beta ends tomorrow, the team will sift through all your feedback and compare it to hard data and telemetry collected from our backend. Through this process of listening and aggregating your feedback and comparing it to the numbers, it will inform our decisions on how to balance and tune the game before launch.

We're working hard to make LawBreakers the best damn competitive FPS out there, and we couldn't do it without you. Thanks for your understanding and support during our Alpha, Beta and as we march toward launch.

We can't wait to see you play all the awesome launch content too, like Harrier, new maps, a new mode and check out all the CRAZY-COOL stash-box skins you gotta see to believe.

Keep killin' it out there and we'll see you on social.

Special thanks to Brittality from the Dev team, OneLetter, Lumos, Pex, Noxie from NxA, our awesome mods and many more.

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  • MuradSharmMuradSharm
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    And thank to you guys from making a solid beautiful game we all enjoy it
    i hope it open again soon or have an open beta for ps4 to decide which system i will play at...
  • MattCVMattCV
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    Just wanted to say congrats on the game so far.

    I only saw / picked it up a couple of days ago and have already sunk 16 hours into it.

    Think you have produced one of the best FPS's on the market currently.
  • AlexChicago04AlexChicago04
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    edited July 5, 2017
    And Thank You Boss Key for giving me a opportunity to try out your game. I really enjoyed playing it on PS4 and and already pre-ordered the Deadzo Deluxe Edition. Can't wait for the next PS4 Beta and August 8th. HEY GRAVITY, FCK YOU
  • RealmjumperRealmjumper
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    Hey I am just glad this game exists it's a great game. Thanks for letting me play in the betas and alpha. I am going to purchase this when I get my next paycheck.
  • AlexChicago04AlexChicago04
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    Boss Key will there be Public Test Servers? Like to test out new features that are coming out for testing, but not out on live servers. It would be nice to have this on PS4.
  • RuckpieRuckpie
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    Thanks for making this game! Can't wait to play it. All the other shooting games I play are getting so tiring.
  • amethystvenomamethystvenom
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    Counting down the days till Aug 8th! Pre-order in for the Deadzo deluxe and can't wait! Much appreciation for fresh FPS.
  • Davidfraley27Davidfraley27
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    Thanks you guys for making something that's truly fun and competitive to play! You've managed to create a FPS that, in my opinion, has the same addicting feel to it as Rocket League. Keep up the good work and I can't wait till August 8th!
  • shadowmoon2708shadowmoon2708
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    i just want to asking about controller on pc this game not support contoroller and i aldy buy this game, sorry because my finger always pain if i play with keyboard and mouse. thx if u can answer this
  • QuexlawQuexlaw
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    Great game!
    There are some small issues that could be improved and would make the player experience much better, but the foundation is immensely good!
  • SickCaeserSickCaeser
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    Thanks for the game and for this price range it is a big WIN for us...and thank god no season pass drama :)
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    Amazing game and thank you guys for making it what it is. I haven't heavily played a competitive FPS shooter in over 8 yrs but I think this game could be my ticket back into the competitive FPS scene so thanks for that also & keep up the Boss like work <3