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edited July 3, 2017 in PS4 Beta Gameplay Feedback & Suggestions
Sensitivity at the higher ends still feels too slow. I play on 100 for both settings, and moving around quickly is really difficult, especially when playing classes like Wraith or Assassin. Please up the sensitivity cap, or maybe make the sensitivity settings much more customisable, like Titanfall 2's.


  • StrongSideStrongSide
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    I only played the open beta but apparently the aiming issues date back to the closed beta, judging from this thread. I know we're not alone in this since there is another thread created after the open beta asking for this and more improvements to the aiming.

    Since the devs have not done any improvements to the aiming between the two betas I think this says pretty much everything regarding how they see consoles: an afterthought.
  • XCCuteXCCute
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    Never played Titanfall but I heard it is the gold standard when it comes to aiming on console. Not surprising since the team is composed of former Call of Duty developers. Perhaps LawBreakers team could pick up a few tips from their setting? Or DOOM, aiming in that game felt really tight once you turned aim smoothing off.

    I just don't see the need to reinvent the wheel. Image if PC every FPS would force their own acceleration values on player mice. People would go nuclear since everyone knows the first thing you do is turn off mouse acceleration...