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Uplink Feedback

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Hey LawBreakers,

Hope you are all enjoying the Rise Up Beta! Just wanted to start this thread to get your feedback about our new mode Uplink--a mode completely developed based on the feedback you guys had from previous playtests.

What do you like, not like and what would you like to see improved? Feel free to add any other feedback on the mode.

Thanks in advance!



  • CommandThrowerCommandThrower
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    I only played one game of Uplink so far, and I like it! It's like Overcharged, except both teams have their own charge meter. There's no "get the Uplink to 100% and have the enemy cap your score" type of thing in this mode.

    My concern is that it seems a little too similar to Overcharged in that you take the Uplink to your base to charge up. Maybe if you had to cap and then take control of the middle point in order to charge the Uplink, it would be different enough of a mode?
  • NumbDutsNumbDuts
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    I agree with the above.
    It is EXACTLY like every other mode in the game.
    It will not be good for shipping to have 3 VERY similar modes, and only 1 different.

    My other concerns are:
    1. WHAT exactly is supposed to happen? I only got to play 1 match (for only a minute, mind you, which may be why I am still confused), out of , what, 15? I saw our side get to 100%, THEN the other team went to 100%, and I have no idea how either one of us won? Or even how we both were able to be at 100% ? VERY confusing mode.
    2. There was only 1 map that had this mode? That is not going to be good, especially with how limited the maps are (6 maps).'

    I did however like that it was a team effort (from the little I saw), and that it lasted more than 2 minutes, gameplay wise.

    I just wish it was in the rotation much more than the other modes, as it IS a new mode.
    Maybe I will take this time to create my own custom server (if that works) so I can test both the custom server feature and the new map mode more. As long as others, NOT being friends with me, can see my server that is.
  • venicellovenicello
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    It's like Overcharge... but without random feel-bad moments when you lose a lot of progress to a single lost teamfight. Honestly, this would probably be better if you did something to modify Overcharge instead of Uplink, because right now Uplink is good.

    I think NumbDuts is absolutely right - right now, LB has three versions of Overcharge and then also Turf War. Modifying one of the Overcharge-like gamemodes to be a little more unique would really help the playerbase grow - look at games like TF2 and Battlefield, which have multiple very different gamemodes that foster divisions of the community within themselves.
  • lawbreaker9000lawbreaker9000
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    edited July 5, 2017
    The problem with Uplink and Overcharge is the following:

    The actualy areas where most of the fighting takes place in modes like uplink are way to often small rooms ,because you have to bring your satellite(com-link)/battery in those rooms, in your spawning area and protect them there til the countdown is over.So fighting takes place most of the time in those small rooms and not in the more interesting designed larger areas in the middle of the maps with all the verticality and gravity spheres. Even their best maps , mammoth and reactor have those kind of problems in some gamemodes where the areas where you have to charge your battery,for example, are very small and uninteresting little rooms near your spawn.

    If i think more closely about that then it will be hard to maintain a large playerbase if they dont pump out more interesting maps where the actual fighting takes place on the interesting parts of the map very quickly or at least let the community help with modding tools by letting the palyer create their own maps.

    They could give prizes or mentioning to the best community created map of the month and let the playerbase vote for it and the map of the month gets incorporated into the official mappool, or something like that.

    A team death match mode could also help, or bringing the batterychargeing spot /uplink spot area closer to the middle of the map, but then it would feel more like domination with only one point.The only thing which would probably help is if they redesign/rework the spawning areas and make them more open with more interesting geometry and cliffsides where you fight in the air.

    But i think the game has alot of potential when they manage to pump out more maps in the spirit of reactor and mammoth but only larger and not only with interesting level geometry in the midlane but rather with interesting level geometry in all three lanes.
  • RealmjumperRealmjumper
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    I like the ideas presented so far regarding the feedback and tools for the community for creating our own maps. Also I think this mode is too similar to Overcharge. I think Lawbreakers could benefit from a Free For All Mode like Slayer from Halo. Have you guys ever tried a Free For All Mode in Internal testing? It might be fun to just let players go at it for 8-12 minutes and see who scores higher.
  • SkywarpGreerSkywarpGreer
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    love this mode!
  • iiUphilliiUphill
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    edited July 3, 2017
    The mode is so fun! I love it! It's also my favorite with Overcharge! The one thing about it is, for me games either go one way or another. 0 to 3 or 3 to 0. Honestly, and this is just my opinion but I don't think the level matchup is very fair I mean I'm a level 14 that gets grouped up with and against level 1's 2's and so forth
  • iLikeCookiesQiLikeCookiesQ
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    Uplink is boring as hell compared to blitzball. Blitzball forces the team that wants to score to fight the enemy, where uplink makes the scoring team camp in their own base, and defending is WAY too easy. It is way too hard to steal the battery from the enemy base with juggernauts that respawn in 10 seconds on the defender's side. The battery area in the base is a close quarters area in pretty much every map. So this makes jugg even more broken. This mode needs a complete rework, so that it forces each team to fight, not camp.
  • It's a wonderful and best game i've played.Hope one day i can play it more and more OMG i'm so excited.Truely thanks to everyone who developed this game..
  • LuckyShotLuckyShot
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    i felt like the up link when you went to go pick it up the shield would stay up too long because when you would try to get it even if you wipe the whole other team they are already coming back to kill you because they respond right next to the objective so it is pretty hard to steal it back.
  • EpoxyEpoxy
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    Uplink is literally just a better version of Overcharge. Should remove overcharge entirely and rework it into 2 flag ctf imo.
  • ZalamaelZalamael
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    Epoxy wrote: »
    Uplink is literally just a better version of Overcharge. Should remove overcharge entirely and rework it into 2 flag ctf imo.

    I'd buy that for a dollar.
  • TheNewKiddTheNewKidd
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    I prefer Uplink over Overcharge but game modes have the same problem. Most of the match takes place at an enemy base in these small rooms when the best part about this game is moving around out in the open in zero-g. The cramped spaces make it less interesting and removes the most unique parts about this game.