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Closing the game?

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.... Are you kidding me? I got so hyped for this game at E3. I musth ave played like 8 matches those 3 days. I pre-ordered, i got my friends to pre-order, I played the first 2 weeks non-stop. Then the game dies down in players. I figure, well, might as well wait until something new happens.

Boss-league comes out, I log in again... no one is playing. I wait for another update. I hear Nexon writes off Lawbreakers is a complete Loss. I get angry and upset because that's basically you guys abandoning the game. I hit steam up for a refund. This is the response u6jd80O.png

So... I wait. I have been apart of the nexon community since 2008 with Combat Arms. It pains me to know you guys went this route. I know Nexon is the publisher, and the de team of Boss Key Productions is kind of different, but... really? You do this to your customers? It's bad enough I put in money for ingame items every now and then, and you guys take my NX credits for them going unused after some time. Its bad enough support takes longer then Direct tv to respond sometimes. Then we wait for updates that never came, a dwindled experience because there was hardly a player base, and some sparse communication with the community. But just a year after it was showcased to the public, not even everyone, a closed public, it hasnt even been a year since the open betas that happened in July... It hasnt even been a year since it release on August 8th, and this is the response? Your call to action? This is what We have been waiting for? A free-to-play price and a set closure date, just under 3 months away? 90 days?!?!? After the feedback we gave you for fixing the mechanics, the way to fix the lore, the mode tweaks, this is the thank you? Not even a letter to us explaining the decision process? Hell, i haven't logged in due to my anger, but are the skins all unlocked? just for us to even see what they were like?

I myself havent put in as much play time, as others. i only dedicated like 4-5 hours a day in 2 weeks. I only made a few forum post here and there. But to do it to others who put that effort in? How disrespectful. I know this is coming off as a rant and im doing my best to not curse ( honestly, i can not even find the rules of conduct anymore. i assume it is the same as it was in Combat Arms ) But how can you not expect me to react this way? Like, there was not even an email about this ( atleast none that i have seen ). I honestly, heard about this through a recommended youtube video, making fun of BKP. The whole premise is, you guys are F2P now. I was shocked, and then it reads" Closing September 14th " and I lost my nerves.

Im not even expecting a reply, this to stay here, or even for me to go unpunished. Just a small " im pissed about this " discussion, or rant if you will. I can understand if BKP did this. But honestly, I expected a little more from Nexon.

If anyone in the community reads this, good job. You guys were held tight for awhile. Far more invested then the thousands of others, like me who just moved on. I hope you spread that dedication everywhere you go. Be the little sparks in the gaming community that we all need. Good luck to whatever games you take up.
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    Well I understand you are upset but you got over 30 hours for $30 that is a good deal. It sucks the game will die but at least you got to play some good games :).