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Did Zero Gravity hurt this game?

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I was watching this video from cliff bleszinski and they had gameplay footage playing through the interview and here are a couple of things I realized while watching it objectively:

1. The game is restricted to 5V5. The levels themselves are great arena maps, but the problem was to much vertical space. With all the characters flying around, finding 5 other characters that are both aerial and on the ground makes the levels too big to consistently find players to target or work as a group to make this game fun. What you find is a constant cat and mouse trying to chase someone down but never quite catching them. With damage fall off, you constantly find yourself pee shooting your way through the game.

2. Zero gravity should have only boosted characters for a moment but most of your fighting should be on foot and zero gravity be used as a skill play. Zero gravity is pretty much the whole premise of the game and makes the game play very awkward. Cliff brings up "watching your six" in the interview, but really every game is almost oval in design making you have to check your six,twelve, nine, three, etc... Maybe it would have been better if zero gravity was a passive ability for the character instead of a map ability. Giving them a momentary boost vertical.

I understand that zero gravity was there thing, but it was over used and not strategically used throughout the map to create consistent battle sequence that felt satisfying.

Mathematically the levels are too big for the character fight intensity they were looking for. Example:

If a map has a ceiling of 20 feet a length of 50 feet and a width of 100 feet 20HX50WX100L = 100,000V

But if the characters are 6 feet tall at the highest height with the ability to jump 1 or 2 feet. Your maximum height for the character really is 8 feet. So 8HX50WX100 = 40,000V

What this does is allow for more controlled cursor movement within that volume of space. You can then stack multiple levels on top of each other at 10 high to create multi level battles, but keeping the same volumetric space for those intense battles to occur.

Zero gravity can then be used as a skill tactic to get to these top levels faster.

Summary: At the end of the day Lawbreakers provides to much volumetric space and too little character interaction to create a satisfactory experience for continued replay. Once the discovery and lore of the maps is done, the annoyance of zero gravity became evident because there was no true battle simulation. Essentially the player with the highest ceiling would dominate or it became too chaotic to really enjoy the game. I believe if zero gravity was a secondary



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    I don't have time to get into the details, but ultimately, yes, I would agree with you that Low Gravity zones hurt the game and the way the game levels were designed, that combined with low gravity zones, make the game more chaotic, more hitscan based, more random and less skill-based.

    More importantly, I think that even without low gravity zones, it would still be valid to say that LawBreakers offers Gravity-Defying-Gameplay, because some characters like Vanguard can fly around, create low gravity zone when using Ultra ability, Wraith races around the map by air jumping, walljumping and wasp lunging, etc. The Juggernaut pogo jumps, the Enforcer can super jump, etc.

    The game does play better on maps that don't have low gravity zones.
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    I wouldnt say so.
    I thought the gravity was awesome.
    What was lacking was original maps (they were almost all the same map reused), gamemodes (I mean, really, how many 'game modes' were the exact same gameplay?), and the lack of a REAL tutorial.
    All of which was told to the ones in charge long before release, but was ignored.

    I also think that 2 seconds in a game then death, then rinse-repeat ad-naseum, was maybe the real killer though. And, that also was told way before release.

    I hate to see it go down, because I had a love/hate relationship with the game, and I hate to see a skill based MP game go down the tubes, but when you try to BE a game that alreay IS, and is massively popular, what do you expect? To beat the original still going hundreds of thousands of players game? How many have knocked off WOW? I cant think of a single one.

    I had hoped for a more Quake 3 type gameplay, which I think would have rallied up the old Q3 and Unreal crowd, but instead they copied an already very popular game, and with the same maps, same gameplay, and insta-death, it couldnt sustain itself.