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Change Romerus to match assassin playstyle

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Suggestion for assassin: The class' biggest weakness is not being able to finish off low health enemies. The class can do bursts of high damage, but there is no efficient/consistent way to deal a little bit of damage. Back when the romerus had projectile forwarding it would be very consistent at close range, but now its consistency has dropped through the floor, making it incredibly hard to hit the smaller characters even at close range. (Although let it be said that the grappling hook is now super consistent and rewards good shots)

Right now, the playstyle for assassin is hitting grappling hooks and using flux blast to facilitate that. After hitting a hook, hitting the melee attack and then a kick, the target took between 295 and 375 damage depending on the hook distance. (And optional +50 if hitting a flux blast, I'm not really going to discuss flux blast here but it could use a nerf/rework.) When this burst of damage is done the strat is to finish the opponent off with the romerus, but the romerus is hardly capable of doing that, and there is hardly a point in using the current romerus aside from the charged shot as poke.

Suggested change: Increase the consistency of romerus left clicks by tuning its projectile velocity and/or size, reduce the damage by an appropriate amount. (These changes affect left clicks only. Leave charged shot as it is now. With the current lower velocity and same projectile size and damage)

Example: +25% projectile velocity, +10% projectile radius, -30% damage.

This change should make the romerus left clicks effective at dealing a consistent but low amount of damage, similar to the medic's firefly. It should then be good at finishing off low health enemies. The suggested change isn't supposed to be a "buff", but more a change to the intended purpose of the romerus leftclicks. Although one could see the change as a buff to the assassin class, as then the romerus would serve its function in the assassin playstyle better. I do hold the opinion that the current romerus left clicks hardly serve any purpose at all. The left click projectiles are just too slow for them to be effective.