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So, this game is dying, almost dead, which is a massive shame.
Nonetheless, CliffyB probably wants to do all he can, understandably, and here's what he can do:
1. Lower the price - not f2p but take it down from £25 to about £10
2. Increase the marketing budget, not many people have heard of LB and I think that was one of the reasons it flopped
3. Release an Xbox build - maybe not immediately, but I know a friend who knows of LB but has an xbox and he says its a shame they couldnt reach out to a wider audience
4. This one needed explaining in depth, and here it is...
Battle Royale Mode
Not like the 100 player on PUBG or Fortnite (mainly cos the maps are far too small), but just introduce role 10 and then limit one character per lobby and have a few rounds of that.
This is a great opportunity to thrive as the Overwatch community is officially dying and the Warframe one needs to perish (nothing personal), this is an exceptional game, and I didn't spend £25 1 month before launch to sit in a matchmaking queue for 30 minutes

(also would this be a good time to mention my idea for a Bowmaster role?)
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    3. Xbox
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    4. Lower Price
       60% (3 votes)
    5. (Bowmaster?)
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    This game should go free 2 play but it might be too late even for that.