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Just damn the player base is doing amazing I been playing everyday but still 54 players isn't enough for the 34million dollars that you guys paid for to make this amazing game. When the game was on 50% people bought the game I meet new players in the game but still it's not enough and pubg with the 3 million players is breaking everything. You see lawbreakers is an amazing game, please take my segguestion :)
Make the game 50% off for like a week or something then release the new class, I am sure you guys worked on the new class and it's almost done put a little more work on It then release it just the new class nothing else if the class is good and everything went to plan then make a free weekend at this point the developers would need to play the game to make the player base a bit up then if new players like it they would buy it tell their friends and it repeat. Look you have a alot of people that plays the game and they want something content so that 1 class would bring a lot of players back so they can try it, streamers would know then they would stream the game which is good because they would pass on the free weekend and ext maybe make it longer than free weekend because some people think of I would install a game that 50gb just to try it, I would take forever. So make it longer than a free weekend. If this failed you would have to make it free to play there is no choose. I mean look at your YouTube channel do you get 50 veiws no you don't you guys get 3k to 5k veiws meaning that there are people that are interested in the game they either waiting for free to play or they want to buy it but not sure.


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    • The game has gameplay issues, it fails to retain players.
    • The game has player progression issue, it fails to retain players.
    • The game has visual clarity issues, it confuses players and it doesn't feel as good as other games.
    • The game has accessibility issues, the matchmaking fails to work efficiently whenever there is only 250 players online or fewer.

    Even if they market the game or drop the price, even if they get new players on board, they won't stay around for long. They need to fix those issues listed above, make the game free to play, give access to modding tools to everyone and have a marketplace to sell skins to maximize their profits.