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ARTICLE LawBreakers publishers have written it off

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"LawBreakers publishers Nexon have written off the entire value of the hero shooter, and blamed its failure - at least partially - on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

"In a Q&A session with investors, Nexon’s CFO Shiro Uemura says “we will not be accruing any other impairment loss pertaining to Lawbreakers in the future.” Impairment loss is a decrease in an asset’s book value that is greater than its predicted cash flow, so for Nexon to say they will not incur any further such losses means they have written off LawBreakers’ value on their balance sheet.

"Nexon didn’t say exactly how much money they lost on LawBreakers, but said it “accounts for the majority” of their Q3 expenses, which totalled roughly $32.6 million."

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  • nEshevnEshev
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    It's about time. I am waiting for my money back like for months...
  • GoidGoid
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    I don't think this means we are getting our money back?...
  • nEshevnEshev
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    I don't know man. I paid 40 euros for a full game promised to have only free content and going to be an overwatch competition and the last time i tried to find a match i had a 4 hours queue time. The game doesn't even have bots or single player so i feel robbed because I can't do anything except looking at the main menu for 40 euros. If this so called "legend" Cliff Blezinsky doesn't give back the money he made from this 4 months clown fiesta I don't think he will have a chance to prove himself once more.
  • ZacAttackLeaderZacAttackLeader
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    Steam will not refund the money if you have more then 2 hours and was purchased within 2 weeks.
  • ZalamaelZalamael
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    Aye, that sucks. Not really surprising though. From past experiences with Nexon, they are not the most patient publisher, nor are they particularly useful at marketing their games (look at how Dirty Bomb brought itself back from the dead over this past year once the devs unshackled themselves from Nexon). They are nothing more than a bank, offering to fund games, with their fingers crossed.

    However, it would be remiss to not call out Bosskey for some of their decisions (patch 1.4 being the most badly conceived patch in the history of gaming). I can only hope they were forced into making that choice by Nexon, and not because someone actually thought it was a good idea and would bring more players in.

    What Lawbreakers needs, is a reboot. Revert 1.4 (ffs yes please), re-balance the game, take some time with it, and then relaunch it as a F2P, without Nexon getting in the way (assuming it was their fault in the first place).

    If I remember right, this game took 3 years of development, that is a serious time and money commitment, just to call it quits so soon (although the fallacy of sunken costs means it is better to fold than raise when you are down to your last few chips). It still has the potential to be a fun game, it just needs a step back to re-evaluate, and then have another go.

    I hate the idea of seeing a fresh gaming company make a skill based FPS, and then go out of business. Get Nexon out of the equation, revert 1.4, make the game F2P, and see where it goes. There is no shame in failure, only in refusing to get back up and try again etc.

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