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BlitzBall glitched Trophy

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I am a ps4 trophy hunter and I have a community of trophy hunters who all recently got this game from the psn store, and currently our score the blitzball trophy is glitched making the game unobtainable. Will this be fixed in a new hotfix?????? Or has anyone found a work around or the issue to this problem, or did the previous hotfixes just mess it up? Please fix this i love the game and i dont want this to ruin it for me.


  • jerrygtajerrygta
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    Hey, have they responded to you?
  • BrittalityBrittality
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    Yo Kobalt,

    Sorry you have been running into this issue. Can you please hit up our support team? (link to submit a request is on the top right of the screen).

    Be sure to include your PSN ID, region, the name of the trophy and any screens/clips you can provide would also be helpful to the support team. Really appreciate your patience.

    Edit: Also just remembered I chatted with you on the subreddit about this! So if you haven't already, hit 'em up.
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