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add first class support for keyboard and mouse?

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after 175+ hours on PS4, I started playing LawBreakers on PC yesterday.

one of the first things I noticed is that the PC version of the game supports both KBM and Controllers. In fact, it supports an XBox and PS4 controller directly, showing the correct buttons in the UI when you are playing with one of those controllers.

Why, then doesn't the PS4 version of the game support KBM? I think it should.

I know Fortnite supports KBM on PS4. There are KBM APIs available on PS4, directly. People with enough $ buy a xim4 to get around this.... so... why not support it, directly?

Having this support directly on the PS4 version of the game would serve to not only make the game more inline feature-wise with the PC version, but also reduce the constant complaints from controller players about KBM players - the major argument being "it's unfair" because a xim4 costs a lot of money. If the PS4 version of the game supported keyboard and mouse directly, that argument would basically be nullified. Anyone with a $20 USB keyboard and mouse combo would be able to take advantage of the same "unfair" tactic as those with the money for a xim4.

and yeah yeah yeah - go ahead and scream profanities at me because i dare have an opinion you don't like. *yawn*


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    Omg, please upgrade your pc or whatever and have fun.
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    I would like to know the stance that Lawbreakers has about the KBM use.