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Stash Drops Giveaway!

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Just 'cuz we're feeling excited about the holidays, log into the game tomorrow, December 20, from 5am-11:59pm PT and you'll get 5 Stash Drops - on us. Be sure to set your timers!

Stash Drops will be delivered by Dec. 21 4pm PT.


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    > Logged in after a few months.
    > 10 Minute Queue.
    > Found Game.
    > Waited 5 Minutes for more players.
    > Game started.
    > Overcharge, 0-2
    > Team Leaves
    > 1v5
    > 0-3. Oh, well. I tried.
    > Leave as it says "Defeat"
    > No credit. Leave Penalty. Point average lowered.
    > Great.
    > Happy Holidays.
    > 17 players have played Lawbreakers in the past 24 hours.
  • Yo_yoYo_yo
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    ^What's that got to do with free stash drops, though?

    I got mine. Thanks!