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Hotfix 2.1.1 Notice

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Hey LawBreakers,

We have a hotfix patch coming your way this Wednesday! This hotfix addresses the projectile issue from our last update. In addition, this hotfix also removes all All-Star content from customization (if not unlocked) along with all All-Star Stash-Drops from the store. All Stash-Drops are reverted to original Stash-Drops.

Patch 2.1.1 will require a restart of the game/application at 8am PT / 11am ET / 5pm CET when the update is available. However, we anticipate that the service may have interruptions from 8am-9am PDT so please keep updated on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017
Pacific: 8:00 AM
Eastern: 11:00 AM
CET: 5:00 PM


  • iLikeCookiesQiLikeCookiesQ
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    Are you taking away our saved up blitzball boxes? As in we need to open them now or lose them? (I don't care about their replacements, I just want a blizball box as a souvenir.)
  • KrimKrim
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    I was excited to see an update today thinking that it might be a new class or new map, but it was pretty disappointing to only find a hot fix. This would have been a perfect time to launch a new class and beat the Winter Overwatch event, but I guess that’s a lost opportunity now.
  • iLikeCookiesQiLikeCookiesQ
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    ... lol why.. just because something didn't happen now doesn't mean it cant happen anymore. Also, are you really disappointed that they fixed something? ... xd?
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