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All-Star Event | Ends Nov. 30!

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It's your last chance to complete those Boss League placement matches and get those All-Star Stash-drops, because tomorrow morning, Nov. 30 at 8am ET, Season 0 of the Boss Leagues and the time-limited All-Star themed Stash-drops are gone, gone...GONE! We've got the Boss Leagues Bash tonight at 8pm ET to celebrate the close of LawBreakers' first event (jump on and play!).

We want to thank everyone for helping test our Boss Leagues with Season 0. We hope you scored some cool exclusive All-Star skins in the process. Since the All-Star update dropped, we worked to improve the game, and are continuing to do so. During the All-Star update we optimized the Stash-drop logic to always guarantee a skin of some sort and we're happy to keep this logic persistent for all Stash-drops in the future. So yeah, that's not changing. Also, Gateway isn't going anywhere! It's a permanent map in our core Quick-match map rotation - FYI.

If you completed all of your placement matches during Boss Leagues Season 0, after 8am ET tomorrow once the game boots up you'll be greeted with the Silver Weapon skin reward redemption process, where you'll be able to select your exclusive reward! Just follow the prompts on-screen to claim your prize.

Again, thanks for participating in Boss Leagues Season 0 and playing during the All-Star event!