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Boss Leagues Bash!

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Boss Leagues Season 0 is ending on November 30, and we're sending it off with a Boss Leagues Bash!

Queue up for Boss Leagues on November 29 with the community and complete your placement matches so that you can earn those sweet Season 0 rewards before it ends on November 30.

Watch this vid from Boss Key to get all the details! >>

November 29 8pm CET (11am PT/ 2pm ET)

November 29 5pm PT / 8pm ET (Nov 30 2am CET)

See you in-game!


  • AsbelAsbel
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    lol, interesting video...
    The guy on right : "from bosskey"... "still"... mean he already planned to leave or many of ppl in the company left already?
    Seems cold in the building... they already stop to pay for heating? or it's too expensive?
    Staged but they are trying to send us a message here for sure XD.

    Please ppl, buy the game, I want them to do a warmy video next time, if there is a next time...