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[ GAME SETTINGS ] Some are not saved anymore

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There's a new issue I got since several days.

It's not related to the latest 2.1 update because it worked for a couple of days I guess before the bug appeared.

Basically, every time I start the game, the "in-game music" setting is back to 100/100 while I always put it to 0/100.

So, I'm lowering it to 0/100 but when I try to save the setting, it won't work and put it right back to 100/100.

I thus have to put it to 1/100 then I am able to save the setting.

But if I restart the game, the setting will be back to 100/100...

So basically, every day, at the start of my first game, I have to go into the settings and lower the in-game music to 1/100...

Can you please fix this ?



  • BrittalityBrittality
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    edited November 27, 2017
    Hey thanks for the report! I will push this to QA and they will be sure to look into it.

    Do any other settings not save?
  • hehe2hehe2
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    Well, even though I'm afraid that could have affected some other settings -- I wasn't really sure of every default value I've changed -- for now I didn't notice anything cumbersome (apart from the in-game music which is obviously annoying when you don't want to play with it).


  • esdvobjiiwoebzuesdvobjiiwoebzu
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    Playing on pc, haven't played for a week or so.
    Played a match today. Well, still lot of statistic, profile bugs etc.
    The matchmaking looks like it's still bad, as it was. One match went 16:1, the ensuing went 2:16. Much fair and fun ...
    And the chat is broken, status forever message showing in the lobby and ingame "trying to establish connection to chat".
    Nobody can see what I write and vice versa.
    But besides from that it's still a fun game ;)