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what is Titan's role in team composition?

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with around 75 hours of gameplay as Titan, I find myself asking this question more and more... what is the Titan's role in team composition?

The game itself describes the Titan in one of the gameplay tips as "Slow moving but powerful" - and it could be argued that "powerful" is an overstatement at this point.

With the massive changes since the 1.4 patch, in both health and damage output across all classes, Titan seems to be getting more and more weak over time, because nothing is changing on Titan while everyone else is effectively getting improvements.

When I look at Titan in 1 v 1 situations, there are very few classes where I can stand up against a moderately skilled player and have a chance. A titan typically won't win a 1 on 1 situation with a Juggernaut, Vanguard, Enforcer or Gunslinger, when both the Titan and opponent has full health and ammo. Even a berserk'd Titan will get stomped by an Enforcer that puts on distortion field, a Jugg that armors up, or a vanguard that just stands a few pixels out of range.

"Slow moving" indeed... but powerful? That's debatable.

So the question is, what role does Titan play in team composition?

Titan is not a tank like Juggernaut. With less health, no armor and slower movement than Juggernaut, a Titan won't absorb damage or get out of the way like a Jugg does. Ultimately, Juggernaut is "fast moving and powerful" compared to Titan. There's rarely a situation where a Titan defeats a Juggernaut in any aspect.

Titan is not a great defender, either. No wall, no real defensive capability other than slowing an opponent down for a second and hopefully landing a rocket directly on them. This is becoming increasingly difficult as players are getting more intelligent about getting out of the neutron mine's radius.

Titan is not an offensive powerhouse like an Enforcer, Vanguard or Gunslinger. The rockets are too slow to be effective at any real range, and when you go up against hitscan weapons at a moderate range, it's too easy for the hitscan classes to dodge in a 1 v 1 situation. And when you combine a slow rate of fire with an explosion radius less than that of Wraith's stinger, the rockets will get nowhere near the damage-per-second of other classes.

Titan can't heal like Battle Medic or Harrier, doesn't have infinite range like Harrier and can't move up and out of the way like Battle Medic.

Titan can't move like Wraith, Vanguard, Gunslinger, or even Juggernaut. Sure, a Titan can be fast, but always at the cost of health. When I want to move across the map quickly, I have to rocket jump. Unless i'm in zero gravity, this rocket jump will come at the cost of my own health and at least 1/6th of my current ammo. More likely half or more of the ammo. There are no other classes in the game that trade health for movement. And none that trade ammo at such a high rate for movement.

What is Titan's role in team composition, then?

Is Titan relegated to support and cleanup? Flank the action and take down the enemies that are focused on something else before they turn around and see you?

It seems there is little room in a competitive team for a character that doesn't hold down a specific role as a ball runner, tank and defender, healer, or damage dealer.

Titan, in my experience, is a jack of some trades (not even close to "jack of *all* trades"), Ace of none (other than self damage).


None of this is saying I don't have good games. Clearly I dod - I post clips regularly on twitter, full games on YouTube where I take first place. Titan can do well in a support and cleanup role, and against less skilled player - those that aren't able to aim and track opponents very well, etc. But there's never any real moment in Titan gameplay where I feel like the Titan is the right role to play. It's always "how can I support the team, distract the opponents, and clean up?"

Is the Titan just a support class, then?

Or can the Titan be turned into a "Slow moving but powerful" class - "powerful" being the key word - as the game describes?

I don't have any answers. I'm just a bit frustrated these days, and asking questions.

I love this game, and still do my best to play on a daily basis! I have no desire to stop playing, but I'm actively looking for another class to main for a while, while I wait for Titan to become the "powerful" class that the game claims it is.


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    Well after playing all the roles in pursuit of trophies, I do see what makes them all useful. If you want my opinion on the role of the Titan, he's "brick wall" the "you shall not pass" class (I'm sure there some sort of name for that but I don't recall it atm). Despite how it feels, Titan IS the most powerful and easily out damages those other classes easily, those other classes rely on mobility. So how do you use him? Well he's best used in Game modes like Occupy (he's the most ueful here) and Turf war (can be really effective but slow movement hurts him here a little).

    You see, the wraith and gunslinger are best when they're mobile. If you are at the Occupy first and a Wraith has to move you from there...well that's no easy task. Switch to his secondary weapon and that lightning will shred multiple classes easily before your high health even gets low and God forbid you use your ult. Titans ult can possibly take out a whole team coming at you if you have high enough health.

    As for the rockets, I didn't get them at first either but when you combine them with the leap and then spam rockets or that gravity grenade and rocket blast once they get caught, double kills just easily drop. IMO the rockets should be the secondary weapon.

    But outside of occupy if you want to use him just stay outside of the area you want to defend for Uplink/overcharge when they come for it get over there and do your brick wall thing.

    As for Blitzball, I use him as an anti-juggernaut role. Whenever a team has a juggernaut camping the goal and I don't feel like running the ball I tend to spend my time trying to kill the camper and in my experience not many classes can take out a stationary juggernaut with his armor on while taking those extremely powerful shotgun blasts to the face, not even the enforcer can survive that with all the health he has if they're evenly skilled players the enforcer would have to run away defeating the entire purpose of trying to remove that damn blitzball cockblocker.
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    I agree with NearHere25, the Titan is like really strong and people tend to underestimate and "underuse" its cripser.

    Basically, (from close up to medium range) this is like being an Enforcer with a higher health pool. The crisper have a better DPS than the Enforcer's MG (even with distortion field) unless the Enforcer is landing 100% headshots, which basically is not happening. The crisper is really easy to use and can shred many people before being depleted and requiring a reload.

    The Titan can struggle on maps where there are huge open areas but excels in zero-g to get momentum with rockets backfiring and once it's moving, that big mama can't be stopped =)

    Definitely one of the strongest characters of LawBreakers, but not the easiest to play with that's for sure.


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