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Gateway map too small, respawn problems

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//introduction start
to the people from developers team/publishers,
who will/will not read it,
will/will not ignore it,
the guy who's in charge for public stuff will/will not just respond in commonly way ("we take note of, thanks") or/and
will/will not forward it to the developers team/publishers.
And the various reasons I've already given in other threads, why empirically, 95 % of the suggestions the players post on different platforms/forums, will not/never be implemented.
So this is just a pastime.
// introduction end

So this map feels a bit too small. That can be the decision of the developers to make it more fast paced but there's a flaw I'v noticed from the start.
When one dies and the ball is in the middle of the map and about to being grabbed, that's it.
The player being dead will have to wait 5 - 8 seconds to respawn. In that time the opponents has already scored the goal.
Being dead = useless to the team.
That even applies when the opponent got the ball and is at his objective area. One skilled assassin/wraith player can cross the distance very fast and be at my goal.
At this moment I'm still dead or just have respawned.
Since most of the classes need 2 -5 sec to get to the goal area, they can't prevent the opponents from scoring.

Dying one increases the opponents chances to score disproportionately (compared to other maps).
That feels not how it should be.