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Patch Notes 2.1

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[h1]UPDATE 11/28[/h1]
Prior to patch 2.1, we made adjustments with latency compensation on projectiles based off feedback from players that sometimes projectiles would shoot through players. We are investigating the player reports of some possible issues with projectiles in the latest 2.1 update based off of this adjustment, as projectiles in patch 2.1 should behave more "projectile-like" and feel slower up close (so players will need to lead targets more than before patch 2.1). This adjustment was not noted in the 2.1 patch notes. Thank you for your understanding!

Hey LawBreakers,

Patch 2.1 is coming at ya soon, and Boss Key’s here with a new Rapid Fire Dev Update to walk you through the quality of life improvements and bug fixes that’ll be included in this update. Watch below.

Remember, Boss Leagues Season 0 ends on November 30, so you’ll be able to redeem your silver weapon skin then if you finished your placement matches. We are also phasing out the Blitzball Stash Drops on November 30, so get those All-Star Skins while you can. Check out the full patch notes below!

Patch 2.1 will require a restart of the game/application at 8am PT/ 11am ET / 5pm CET when the update is available. However, we anticipate that the service may have interruptions from 8am-9am PDT so please keep updated on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord.

Friday, November 17, 2017
Pacific: 8:00 AM
Eastern: 11:00 AM
CET: 5:00 PM

  • Season Rewards added for Boss Leagues Season 0.
    • These rewards can be redeemed on November 30.
  • Various Boss League UI fixes.
  • Battle Medic Low Fuel issue fixed.
  • Enforcer's Aerator Max Damage per hit lowered from 25 → 23.
    • "We've reduced the Enforcer's ability to shred targets at close range by reducing the maximum damage output per shot on Aerator. Enforcer players should look to work in their Badger at mid to close range to maximize damage output."
  • Gateway collision issues fixed.
  • Gateway exploits fixed.


  • sporesspores
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    Harrier class needs some adjusting next patch ASAP.
    Please look into this.
    I put in 15 hours gameplay with Harrier alone and as my main and before 2.0 even before health regen Harrier could compete evenly with other classes.

    But since then (now 2.01) she takes way too long to kill compared to other classes, even with the dart damage increase hit.

    Also her most strong point is being able to hover/fly and it seems her fuel depletes quicker than before which makes her even less useable.
    Battle medic is getting a fuel buff, what about Harrier as well?

    I recently just went back to Harrier after maining Harrier since day 1 and could confirm Harrier class is NOT on an even playing field as the other classes.

    I don’t know how much got nerfed but no one hardly plays Harrier anymore as a result to this.
    Slight damage and fuel increase would bring Harrier back up to par.
  • calabokcalabok
    LawBreakers Rep: 470
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    Will it fix end of match XP counting? Blitzball scores? Scoring 25 blitzballs is my last trophy for the Platinum, but I can't get it because of the bug
  • comapotioncomapotion
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    edited November 17, 2017
    No, the bug has not been fixed, yet. Fingers crossed that it will be addressed, soon.
  • Goliath9013Goliath9013
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    I'm not a fan of this update..... The blitzball outfits are only cool if everyone else has one too to match and make it feel like deathrow or other sport objective based violence gametypes. but now everyone will look all serious while I wear doofy sports gear in a non-sports evironment now. I hope theyre smart and keep the ability to purchase with points because I'm having a lot of trouble to even find a match let alone level up...... I cant believe I see the same people so much as if this community consists of 30 consecutive players.
  • comapotioncomapotion
    LawBreakers Rep: 400
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    @Goliath9013 If you’re having trouble finding a match, try selecting every region? After doing so, I find matches without a hitch, so maybe this will help?