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Assassin low heal, various bugs, unbalanced match

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//introduction start
to the people from developers team/publishers,
who will/will not read it,
will/will not ignore it,
the guy who's in charge for public stuff will/will not just respond in commonly way ("we take note of, thanks") or/and
will/will not forward it to the developers team/publishers.
And the various reasons I've already given in other threads, why empirically, 95 % of the suggestions the players post on different platforms/forums, will not/never be implemented.
So this is just a pastime.
// introduction end

So, I've been checking the game out after not playing it for 2 weeks.
First thing I've noticed that there are a bunch of people who've just started to play the game.
Second things I've noticed is, after few matches, that the developers/publishers "balancing"-software has not bettered at all.
Even worse. Now, I get even more unbalanced matches, thanks to the software.
And thanks to the various player statistic bugs, I'm now shown as a level 1 Player and not 40+, but still need 40 k experience to level up.
Had really a lot of great matches with 3 lvl 40+ players in my team (who ofc now shown as lvl 1 - 5 players) against a team of 5 beginners.
Man, those matches were fun and balanced.
*Irony off*
Some players even start to handicap themselfes, if they do not, the beginners will end the match mostly with stats like 3:18 and most of the time being dead.

Ahhh, almost forgot my purpose I had in mind to create this topic.
Btw: very nice it's still being allowed, even if it's just for show and a said most of the suggestions won't be implemented.
It can end like in poor FlickshotXXL's case
Halo the dicatorial censorship with rhetoric and soothing speech. I've myself saw no reason to exclude FlickshotXLL from forums.
But that is the definition of dictatorship. You can do it forcefully, you do it.

So the actual purpose.
Assassins's self healing while hitting with the blades now feel like almost no healing at all.
I can hit straight for 3 - 4 seconds during the ultimate. The assassin will still disappear into nirvana after being hit with 3 titan rockets.
Or 1 rocket and few juggernaut shots. Or some enforcer gun spam. Or some enforcer ... oh, wait.
Enforcer still isn't being made weaker. Nice, class still overpowered.
Back to the topic. Assassin's ultimate purpose being able to go against the other stronger melee classes (who are stronger in a direct 1n1): Juggernaut and titan, is no more.
Assassin goes in, activates ultimate and dies. Hardly worth as a distraction anymore.
And I'm still talking about me playing the assassin. Someone who can actually hit with the blades and not miss 50 % of the attacks.
The new players will activate the ultimate, miss most of the attacks and die.

It almost feels like the gunslinger phrase while activating his ultimate "I'm the beginning of your ...!", before he's disappearing into nirvana, not able to finish his sentence ;)