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Mobility Abilities and Moving the Objectives

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There is a big gameplay issue involving the classes with these great movement abilities being able to move the battery and the ball way too fast across the map. It takes away from teamwork and allows for very little counter play.

My suggestion would be that anytime someone picks up an objective, your movement speed abilities get locked but your base movement speed gets a buff. This would make it so you do not feel too sluggish but at the same time it would require greater teamwork to move the objective while allowing for counter play.


  • codejunkygamingcodejunkygaming
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    I understand where you're coming from, and I agree that the movement speed abilities give you a huge advantage when moving the battery/ball. I also like the idea that your base movement speed would get a buff since the game is too fast to disable things completely. Maybe, just maybe this would get people to actually run with the battery/ball carrier when you're with random people. :)