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Increase the Detonation indicator time slightly?

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With the 2.0 release, Titan saw the addition of a detonation indicator to tell me when a rocket is within damage radius of an enemy. This is incredibly helpful for a Titan firing rockets at a distance and alt-firing to detonate them! I love this change :D

But I'd like to see the distance at which the detonation indicator appears, adjusted slightly.

Here's the deal for my scenario: I'm rarely playing directly on my PS4. 99% of the time, I'm using PS4 Remote Play from my PC - still using a controller, but running via Remote Play. The processing between my PS4 and PC with Remote Play adds about 50 to 75 milliseconds of latency to my games. It's just enough to throw off muscle memory and reaction times in some cases. Most cases, like bunny hopping and other things where I am only timing myself and not reacting to other players, are easily compensated. I just press the button I want slightly sooner than I would if I were playing on PS4 directly. No big deal.

The rocket detonation indicator, however, is a case where I cannot correctly adjust my controller input to compensate for the additional latency.

When my reaction time is spot-on, and I press the alt-fire button to detonate a rocket as soon as I see the detonation indicator, it's already too late. I've missed my window of opportunity to detonate the rocket because of the latency involved in my setup. It takes slightly too long for my controller input to register and actually detonate the rocket, meaning the rocket is likely out of range.

With a slightly increased time for the detonation indicator, this could be corrected. I could have more opportunity to detonate the rockets.

I realize that increasing this too much would put the rocket outside of the actual detonation zone. And if there's a very strong indicator of the detonation zone, it would reduce the skill required to play Titan too much.

I would wonder, though, if adding the equivalent of 50 to 75 ms to the distance for the detonation indicator would be too much. I'd love to see it, personally. :)